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What pattern and color

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Ok what does everyone like as far as colors and patterns in there home? Say for your bedroom & bathrooms ? I'm serious but I have a headache from the smoke from the fire, I just wanna know I think I sucked in to much smoke
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My bedroom is blue!! I LOVE blue!!

My livingroom is brown and red...and...thats all I can think of..
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Yep, i am a fan of blues as well.

Our house is blues and whites, kinda mediterrean. Too many holidays in Greece
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My living room is green and my bedroom is blue and white. I'm changing the bedroom due to the adoption of Scratch. One large fluffy black cat and white bedding doesn't go well together.
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I like the contempary cool neutural colour schemes that are in now with greys and browns. And the green/red combo for kitchen dining room. My kitchen is green and I'm going to paint the dining room a very warm rusty red.
The bathroom is a nice dark blue.
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I'm not much on color preferances in the house.I have blues in our Bedroom and in the Living Room, we have blue carpet and multi colored furniture..............mauve,green,blue,orange,tan
Our bedroom is more the Indian motif
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Pattern wise I usually have a lot of solids with the occasional stripe, patchwork, or paisley.

Color wise I LOVE LOVE LOVE green. I also mix in a lot of earth tones like browns, blues, yellows, oranges, and reds.
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My bedroom is a stone colour with chocolate brown bedding + curtains and accessories.
Michaela's room is lilac and cream.
My bathroom is turquoise and white.
My living room is a pale yellow textured paper and desperatly needs painting.

As far as patterns are concerned, i would rather have plain. I dont think anything in my house is patterned. lol.
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Not big on patterns unless they are just an accent piece to pick up the main colour and add a little something extra - that's what cats are for, right??? My favourite colour is blue - various shades, and our house is mainly blues and greys.
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My bedroom is blue - nice and calming. My living room is.. erm... orange It's nice than it sounds! It's not a really strong orange - more a peachy colour. The kitchen is yellow and the bathroom has blue/green/yellow striped wallpaper. Sort of strong pastels rather than primary colours. No patterns - I like plain and simple.
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My house is all "BLUE" That is a joke of DH. The style is mostly "farmhouse" even though it is a dbl-wide. I like checks and plaids that are country blue and pale yellow. No green in my house is allowed. I did find denim curtains that were a must have with two calicos They are in the livingroom and our bedroom and have held up well
My saying with calico's is:
I don't have mice...
I don't have bugs...
I don't have curtains
The kitchen is what really needs changed. It has this large fruity pattern that is about to drive me bonkers. I saw a pic in a mag of a blue and white gingham check kitchen that I just love Now i just have to talk DH into doing the work.
THe bathrooms are pale blue with a small flowery wall paper that I really like.
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My bedroom is a gorgeous shade of blue called "midnight blue" - it's really not as dark as it sounds. I LOVE it!!! I have two framed Claude Monet replica pictures that look nice against the paint color. I also have furniture that is in a lighter wood shade so it looks well in there. My window treatment is a bamboo shade with a really light airy little curtains. It looks really nice- I kinda have an ocean theme going on- I LOVE the I like the blue walls, natural looking woods, and pictures about river/lakes..stuff like that - it turned out really nice and very well on a budget
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I pretty much have every color, but all the paint is 2 shades of green and white throughout the house, red in the dowstairs bath, greens upstairs in the master bed and bath and the other bath, keepem coming EVERYONE
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I have no sense of decorating.

The walls I my apartment are all the same egg shell white they were when I moved in. I haven't done anything with colour scheme in my bedroom because it is used more as a place to sleep and "extra storage". My living room furniture is mostly black. The couch & loveseat have threads of other colours running through, so the other furniture and/or accessories draw on those colours such as burgundy, forest green, pale yellow, grey. My area rug is shades of black and grey. The rest of the floors are wood.

Pretty plain and not what would be referred to as "decorated".
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