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Do any of you recomend bathing a cat 'just because'? I can understand if they've made a mess, have dingle berries, got sprayed by a skunk or something. But, I was reading up on grooming long-hairs and found a site that said they recomend semi-regular bathing. At least twice a year for SH and at leat 4 times for M/LH. I always thought that for the benefit of everyone it's best not to bathe your cat unless neessary. Opinions?
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Personally, I won't bath my cats unless they get something really nasty on them that can't be removed by trimming the fur or any other method.

Ginger has gotten sticky stuff (God only knows what it was) on her tail before, and I just cut off the sticky fur; good as new!)

I value my skin too much.
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If I notice mine have that smelly butt smell,then they get a bath.If not, then I leave them be.
Mine have ring worm right now, so they will be getting abths a bit more often until they are over it.
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I do just because washings. I showed cats for many years and trained kittens from young age to accept baths. As they get older, they don't groom as well and if they are used to baths, then its not so hard if they have to be bathed more often.
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Having long haired cats I am a believer in bathing semi regularly. It really helps to keep their coats managable and less tangle free. And a cat with a long, thick coat is a bit more likely to have a hard time keeping their coat as clean. But that is just my experience. If I had short haired cats I wouldn't bathe them unless they got into something.
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Originally Posted by GingersMom View Post
I value my skin too much.

I was thinking the same

I wouldnt bathe Ceci unless she got into something horrible (impossible since she doesnt go outdoors) You can put you nose anywhere on her and she is odor free
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I have one of those odd ball cats that likes water and bathing. I think because she was shown quite a bit, and is used to a lot of grooming. I will probably only bathe her when she needs it ..or to silk up her long hair if it gets oily.
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I had two short haired cats that I never had to bathe when they were older. I did bathe them once or twice as kittens, when they had diarrhea. Also, because it seemed to help the boy cat to learn to clean himself.
Now that I am in the process of making a home for a longer haired kitty too, I will see if it is necessary. I won't do it unless she is real stinky or dirty.
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Frankie, my short hair had regular baths as a kitten because she had a flea infestation and was too young for most treatments. The vet gave us a special shampoo for espically young kittens (she was only a few days old when I found her) and I had to bathe and combe her daily. She now hates water! LOL Wickett has really long hair but he never smells unless he's got a dingle berry in which case his butt fur gets a wash and a trim. He doesn't like it but he's a very good, patient, tolerant kitty. He puts up w/ the wash better than the cut. Actually, he's got a huge mat on his rear leg that I need to cut out this weekend. I've never seen a reason to wash them "just because".
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My abys and Burmese get bathed only before shows. The persian every 10 days or so unless he's being shown then, twice weekly for a month prior to get the coat in top show condition (Good thing I don't show him often!). The Norwegian maybe every 6 weeks.

The rest only get bathed when I feel like it or when there's a problem (not often at all!)
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not recommended to bath norwegians as this removes the water proof oils in the outer gaurd hairs!
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