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Vibes needed

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I just found out my friends dog got attacked by a raccoon and his dog is a rat terrier like my Lilly. And he is pretty torn up but they said he will be okay. But he is hurting and he's supposed to stay quiet and rat terriers are very active so this is hard for him. My friend had to shoot the raccoon and at first he was affraid to he had to break it up. And The vet said he was really lucky that the coon didn't kill his dog who's named Rhett.
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Oh no........I"m so sorry to hear this.............
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I'll be keeping Rhett in my thoughts that he has a quick recovery and can get back to play soon.
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Many good healing vibes coming that way!
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Aw, poor Rhett..I hope he gets well soon
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Poor Rhett - I hope he feels better soon!
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Poor Rhett! such a little dog would've got beaten up pretty bad.
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That's awful. Lots of vibes for Rhett. I hope he's able to bounce around again soon Raccoons are mean, and fat (at least the ones around here are.) They like to wander into our backyard
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best wishes heading from here for a timely return to health.
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Thank you. Scott said the coon was 26 lbs and Rhett is about the size of my Lilly maybe a little smaller or bigger. And the dog put up a heck of a fight but coons are mean. If Scott hadn't thought to grab his gun the coon would have probably killed Rhett. We have had alot of trouble with them around our chickens but we always had big dogs to keep them away. But its a tough fight then. I think what helped is he takes Rhett squirrel hunting so he atleast knew how to defend himself. His neighbor has been feeding them and that's really dangerous. You should NEVER feed wild animals like that its basically an accident waiting to happen and eventually a death sentence for them. Cause they have to be pts when they attack people and pets.
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Wow!, poor little guy...sending many healing vibes his way
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