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Please HELP. Male Kitten

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I adopted a male kitten on Saturday, roughly 9 weeks old.
His family and himself were found in a wherehouse. He was a little timid when I brought him home... But quickly became a lover.. Especially towards my 4 year old daughter.
Things seems to be great.. Until we realized that night be pee'd on our bed.
His litter box is nice and clean... In the bathroom right outside of our room... But for some reason he felt the need to pee in our bed. So we cleaned the sheets.. Gave the little addition the benefit of the doubt, and he did it again.. Right on my boyfriends FEET!
I just don’t know what to do.
He has no problem doing #2 in the potty...
Please help- we love him very much.... But we need a solution.
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I wish I had better advice to offer, but have you had him checked out by your vet?

Whatever you do, please do't rub his nose in it. That will only scare and confuse him.

Have you checked out the sticy thread "How to Adress Inappropriate Peeing Issues" thread in the "Behavior" section?

Hang in there and G'luck
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It sounds like he might have a UTI. If he hasn't already been vet checked he should be anyway. Most kittens have worms so he should be treated for them by a vet as well.

Get him checked out. In the meantime maybe you could confine him in a bathroom with his litter, food and water so you have no more accidents until you get the problem diagnosed and treated if necessary.
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When my kitten was that age, he was confined to one room with his litterbox, food, and water. I would not expect a 9 week old, or a cat of any age in new surroundings, to be able to find his way from the bedroom to another room to use his litterbox in time.

I suggest keeping him in one room with his litterbox until he has settled in and is a bit older - ours didn't have the run of the flat until he was about 3 or 4 months old.

If he still has accidents when the litterbox is nearby, get him checked by a vet - I assume you will be taking him in soon for vaccinations/health check, so ask about it anyway.
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Kittens that young can get UTIs. Like Yosemite said, a vet check is probably a good idea, specifically addressing the peeing problem.
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Get him vet-checked, just in case. Medical problems are common causes of litter box problems.

A 9 week old kitten might not have the hang of the litter box yet--be sure he can get in and out easily, and that he knows where it is. Or he could just have a small bladder--why not, the rest of him is still pretty small--and not make it to the litter box. Confining him sounds like a good idea--that way he is always close to the box.

Is he "spraying" when he pees--standing, not squatting? If so--and this is a long shot for such a young kitten--he might be marking his territory. When a cat marks, he's saying "This is my place and these are my people; anyone who messes with them will have to deal with me." He might have been claiming your boyfriend for his own when he peed on the shoe. Like I said, though, he's still young; and generally it's only sexually mature tomcats that spray like that, though grown females do, too. If he were four months old or older, I'd say, yeah, he's being territorial, and get him neutered ASAP... but he's so young. He'd have to be an exception.

Do neuter him when he's old enough--that should be pretty soon, 3 months of age or so. Ask your vet how early he'll do it; tomcats neutered before sexual maturity are less likely to spray, but some vets have a tradition of waiting till 6 months of age.

Lastly, some cats are weird when it comes to litter boxes, and want one for pee and the other for poop. Who knows; that may be his thing.
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Mine have 3 boxes and they pee in two of them and poo in the other one.You may need to get another litter box for him.
I would suggest a Vet visit too.
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Has he used the litterbox at all? When I brought home a stray kitten she had several "accidents" even though there was a litterbox just a few feet away! Finally I caught her in the act and I put her in the litterbox, where she finished up and even scratched the litter when she was done. After that she kept using the litterbox all night and since then she has not had any more accidents! I think she just didn't "get" what the litterbox was for until I caught her in the middle of using the wrong place and put her in it. (even though I kept placing her in it before that.) So I would say if you can catch him in the middle of going to the bathroom and put him in the box maybe he will understand. It only took the one time for the stray kitten I had!
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If he gets the okay from the vet and there is still a problem after trying the other things suggested, there is a litter called Cat Attract that you could try. Fortunately, other than one episode with a UTI, I haven't had a problem but I have heard of other people having really good luck with it.
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