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Sick Domino Update

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Hello Everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that Domino is doing much better today. I took her to the vet though I was not able to afford hospitalization. The vet took bloodwork and I am waiting for results. As for Domino, she is eating and drinking. I spoke (hah more like cried) to my mom (family nurse) and dad (animal expert ) and they both said "if you can't afford to take her to the vet then nurse her back to health yourself...". My dad grew up on a ranch with TONS of animals so he knows a good deal of home remedies. He gave me a sirynge and some amoxicilin and said "open this caplet and mix 1/4th of it with some pedialite and force feed it to her. Then force feed some baby food. I don't care how much she fights you, just get it in her mouth". So I did what my dear ole dad said and we are already seeing some improvement in Domino. Everyone here on this site has also helped me so much with all the info I have recieved. Thanks A Bunch Guys!!!!

Now for the fun part. I'm looking to get Domino a cool new toy to keep her going once she reaches her full 100% so if anyone can make any recomendations let me know! <3

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Good news Stephanie! Hope Domino keeps getting better!

I usually buy the cheap toys from the dollar store, mine are pretty happy with those!
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Very happy headbuts and happy tearful licks from KittenKiya's Clan.
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Great News!!! Hope Domino is feeling 100% REAL soon!!
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What terrific news! Domino, my girlies and I are so thrilled you're feeling better! It's vitally important to ensure that your little girl continues to eat as well as maintain properly hydrated. Be in close contact with your vet, and please do keep us updated on her labwork and continued progression to health!

Sierra and Serenity definitely recommend a fun catnip toy for starters, and then as Domino regains all of her energy, an exciting Cat Dancer!
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lab work came through and the vet says everything is normal except they did find a small amount of toxins that could have come from any house plants or kitchen cleaners. Domino's appetite is growing! she ate almost a whole can of fancy feast yesterday! hehe... thanks everyone for the support!
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