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A sad beginning... a happy ending...

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I feel compelled to share the story I learned this weekend, about our two little kittens Beans & Skunk and their momma, Scary.

Chad was talking to the neighbor and that's how he found this out, I wasn't there so I didn't get to ask the questions I had.

Some of you might remember Scary. She was a stray that was hanging around our house for a while- she was very timid but after feeding her and spending some time with her she started to come around, it didn't take too much work so I knew she was someones pet at one point in time. Well as it turns out she lived two doors down from us. I don't know who lived there- but they were evicted and their house was foreclosed about a year & a half ago (we've only lived there since July) and now someone new lives there. I guess after these people were evicted they came back and broke out a window (or it was already broken) and tossed their cats (I think he said a dog too) back inside the house!! Scary was one of these poor babies! I guess that would mean she lived outside for at least a year or so as a stray.

Well after she started warming up to us she came home one day with some injuries to her face, so I decided it was time to get her to the vet and get everything checked out so she could become part of our family. I still am not clear on where the miscommunication happened but when I took her in to the vet I was told she had FelV, after talking about it we decided it was best to put her to sleep since I already had Maui and couldn't bring her inside with him. At this time I knew she either had had kittens or was pg with kittens but we weren't sure which and I had never seen her with any babies, plus she would spend hours & hours at our house without checking on any babies. So I thought if she had had them, they didn't survive.

About a week later, late at night I heard some teeny tiny meows. They were so quiet that I wasn't even sure I had heard what I thought I did! We grabbed the flashlights & ran outside to check and that's when we found Beans & Skunk! They were soooooo incredibly mean and had never been handled! We captured them & brought them inside and the rest is history on that part.

I should mention that I found out Scary actually only had FIV When I brought the kittens in to be tested I was confused how they had FIV and Scary had FelV... that's how I found out my poor baby Scary didn't have to be put to sleep So I feel really bad about that part.

I also found out from Chad & the neighbor that Scary had her kittens in his shed- about 100 feet from our house!!!! There was 3 white ones (like Beans) and 2 black ones (like Skunk) or it may have been the other way around. Unfortunately, Beans & Skunk were the only ones to survive I feel so bad about this! If only I had known where the kittens were I could've saved them all.

Our neighbor told us that he had made arrangements with a lady that lived around the corner to take the two surviving kittens but right before she was about to pick them up they just disappeared (into my house!)

So that is their story. It's sad but it has a happy ending, at least they are with me and safe now. I do feel bad about their momma- she had such a crappy life. I don't know how anyone could abandon their cat like those people did...
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I'm very sorry for the loss of Scary. That is terrible to have such a misunderstanding that a kitty is PTS! And that the babies were so close, but you didn't know about them. I'm glad Beans and Skunk are safe now!
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Rest in peace Scary and Kittens.

Look down on Skunk and Beans, and the humans who love them and loved you.
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RIP Scary I'm glad you have the sweet babies with you now.
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RIP Scary and her poor kittens that never had a chance Sarah, I am just so happy that Beans and Skunk found you
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Bless her little heart

Scary you and your babies have a lovely time at the bridge together

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