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Missed you all!!

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I'm back!
We have moved house, and I have now started my new job - which I am really enjoying!
I have been able to snatch minutes on the internet here and there when I've been at other peoples houses but now we have the internet set up in our new house so everything is getting 'normal' again!
I have millions of pics of moving and of the house and I'll post them once I get them on the laptop.
The house is great, it's starting to look like 'home' and the cats are loving all the space too.
Sleeves was very afraid at first. He got all bushy whenever you made a noise, and hid under the duvet most of the time, but now he's bolting up and down the stairs and is being so affectionate
Nismo loves the house too, she's so funny on the wooden floor She's also having lots of fun knocking over all my new pictures and candles
So what has been happening with everyone? I hope everybody is well and I haven't missed too much!
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Welcome back! I'm glad to hear that everything is going well!
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It's good to have you back Lauren!, I'm glad that your job is going well
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I was just thinking of you yesterday, wondering how everything was!

Glad to hear your enjoying your job! Happy to see you back here again!
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Glad to see you back!! And I am glad that you like your new job! And the kits are doing well in their new home too!! My girls love to skid to a stop on the hardwood too!
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YEAA!!! Lauren is back!!!
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I was wondering where you were too Lauren!!! Glad everything is all settled for you now! Poor little's gonna be alright again soon baby boy! (and with all those moving boxes to play in!!! )
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Hey Lauren, glad your all settled in the house and you like your new job
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Welcome back! Glad the new job is going good
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Welcome back!
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welcome back!!
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Welcome back Lauren..Hopefully the move went well ...

The only thing thats been going on here lately is about 14 thousand threads about Susie and her NUTS, GNOMES, and 15000 POSTS!!
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I didn't know you were moving and didn't know you had a new job - but I'm so glad everyone seems happy in the new place, and I'm super glad to hear you're happy at a new job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BTW - our kitties LOVE the wood floor!

Did you have stairs before? When we moved it took 4 of the 5 cats (at the time) over a week before they ventured downstairs - but once they got used to the new place, the stairs and the wood floor were the greatest things since cat treats!

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Good to see you back, glad you are all settling in well
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Good yo see you back!
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Hey Lauren I'm pleased the kitts have settled in more. Rosie and Sophies not hiding under my duvet as much now
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Aaw it's nice to feel so welcomed back
I was going to ask about what was going on with Susie!?!

We didn't have any stairs before so it's a bit of a novelty for them but they love it!
Nismo also loves all the visitors as she gets so much attention Some family came around last night to see the house and brought more champagne for us and a new toy for the cats, which they were fighting over by the end of the night
Unfortunately I cant get on here as much during the day but I'm getting more time in the evenings as we get more organised so I'll be around later on
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Good to read the move went well and te job is working out. I have wood floors and wood steps(big cat hair collectors!!) The cats enjoy racing up and down!!
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Glad to see you are all settled in finally. We look forward to hearing more on how you are enjoying the house and the new job. BTW - how is Mark enjoying his new job?
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Welcome Back LAUREN!.....
Good to see you here again my friend!
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Thankyou! Mark is really enjoying his job Jana! Although it's getting really tough and some nights he doesn't get home until after 8pm, but thats not all the time.
He's pretty tired and we're both just living for the weekends. Esp since it's now dark in the mornings and dark when we get in so we never get to see the house in the day light
We have been shutting the kitchen door when we go out and using the back door as our entrance in and out and apparently somebody has learnt how to open the door!! Yesterday and today I've come into an open door, which does not make entering the house very easy!! Tomorrow I will slide the kitchen table in front of the door as escapees are the last thing we want!
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Glad to see you back Lauren! I can't wait to hear more about the house and your new job.
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