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Help with New Name

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This is the cat we recently began fostering. She is spayed, 1.5 years old, and needs a new name. Right now she's going by "Boo-Boo-Kitty-Boots" (maybe you "Jay & Silent Bob" fans get the joke).

She's sorta shy but left her last home because of a dominance issue with an elderly cat, who has recently been diagnosed with an undefined type of tumor. This foster will stay with us until the other cat is well or otherwise. There is a chance the owner will allow us to place her (perfect home = little old lady who wants nothing more than to have this only cat in her lap to dote on all day), but that's a remote possibility <how many perfect homes can there be??>.

You can tell by my signature that we tend to stay away from standard style pet names. Oh, for the record, she's not scowling at us or the camera - she's just watching Ginger and Eli VERY carefully.

Please help us out by suggesting new names for this little girl.
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Well, I will assume that Whiskers is too obvious.....but she has lovely ones!
I kinda like the name Stardust or Smokey - I know,I know,too kitty like!
How about.......
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She looks indentical to "Whiskers".(my 3 year old named her)I am not great with different names (actually with names...period) but.....I am a really BIG fan of Brad Paisley. So....how about Paisley? I know...it's not the best idea and I am sure you'll get plenty of replies with different original names. These guys at TCS have the best imagination going! I have to rely on my 3 year old to help me....
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:LOL: Debra....you discovered my 3 year olds secret.....:LOL:
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How about Arwen, the elf in The Lord of the Rings. The one in love with Strider.
Esperanza--Spanish for hope.
I also like the name Chloe. No particular reason.
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Oh goody....I'll give it a shot...even though I tend to lean toward Dog names for my cats....

Based on your kitty's looks and not knowing her character—my suggestions are:

1. Lila
2. Tootie
3. Holly
4. Sweetness <grin>
5. Molly
6. Maggie
7. Gretta
8. Lucille

She's really a sweet looking kitty...this is a toughy....I like Chloe, too, Bren....


P.S. Just make sure not to use Amber or Danielle, at least not yet... <grin> (just kiddin' Debby!)
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My fiancee was just on the phone with Boo-Boo-Kitty-Boot's mom and she's come to a decision. The winner is:

Livvy (Olivia)

Once she heard that name, that was it. We really though she'd go with Maggie (or variations on) or Jillian (or variations on), but she surprised us.

Well, it combines two references she's very keen on... first, a character of Kate Hepburn (one that she was not familier with) - second - Liv Tyler (as Arwen, from LOTR).

Thanks to everyone who gave suggestions. Our friend is very happy to have the cat unburdened with the old name. She wanted all of you to know she appreciates the help and knows that the cat (formerly known as Boots then Boo-Boo-Kitty-Boots) will appreciate it as well.
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How adorable and very unique....
BooBoo has a Livvy look about her, too!

BTW: Isn't Livvy also Mr. Howell's wife on Gilligan's Island?

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Livvy seems to suit her!
What a great name
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Livvy's housemate, Teaser, traveled to the Rainbow Bridge today. His liver and kidneys started failing and there was nothing left to do. The exact cause of his illness was not known. Considering what was already spent on vet bills (only to get the "we don't know what it is, but we know what it isn't" line), I'm not sure if the owner is going to be able to have more tests done.

Livvy will be staying with us for a while longer until her owner has put herself back together.
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I'm really sorry to hear about Teaser. Livvy's a lucky girl to have you and your fiancee there to love her.

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Sorry to hear about Teaser. I wanted to play the "name game," but Livvy is wonderful!

BTW Kim, I think Mr. Howell called Mrs. Howell "Lovey."
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That's Just GREAT....my memory is failing me in my 30's.... what's next? LOL...

Lovey I guess this means people will, most likely, NOT pick ME as a Trivial Pursuit partner.......
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