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For Bruno My Baby

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On Friday (4/11/6) my 14 month old cat passed away. He had recently been diagnosed with an enlarged heart. We were told by the vet he would live a good life with the medication he was given and things seemed to get back to normal after a week or so but I think he just couldn't take the strain.

Bruno was my first pet, a beautiful black and white tuxedo cat, with a bright pink nose and pink little pads. I adopted him at 6 months from my local RSPCA shelter after a family had dumped him there because he was unwanted. I poured my heart and soul into loving him and looking after him, and in the short while he was with me he had a full and exciting life. He got into his first and only fight over the summer and hurt his leg which healed quickly. In September he caught his first bird and paraded around the garden with it. We treated him very well, always givin him treats and he knew we were a soft touch!

Bruno was always very weary and didnt particularly like cuddles, in hindsight this could have been down to discomfort he felt through his large heart but he always showed us he loved us. He came to us for a stroke and a cuddle and liked to wake me up in the mornings with a head massage!

Bruno was obsessed with 2 little fuzzy pom poms he found whilst playing under my bed when he first came to live with me, it was such an unusual thing for him to like and he never really cared for any other toy that was bought for him. He used to run around the house with it in his mouth makin moaning sounds, a noise we got so used to and dearly miss already. I decided to bury him with one and keep one for memories.

I took some pictures of him during the summer, never did i think that they would be all I had left to remember him by.

On Thursday night, Bruno came to sleep on my bed. He usually does this for a few minutes then runs off looking for fun and trouble, or goes to sleep in his usual place on the landing, like he was guarding our rooms from intruders but on thursday he stayed with me all night, sleeping right by my side, something he has never done.

Now I think back, I believe he knew this would be our last night together and he stayed with me, this one time to show how much he loved me, he was saying goodbye.

On friday night we noticed his breathing had gone a bit rapid, how it was before we took him to the vets the week before, so we decided we would take him into the vets on Saturday. We went out that night to a party and came home late. I called out for Bruno who is usually waitin at the bottom of the stairs for us when we come home, greeting us with his usually cheerful mioawing. But after callin he didnt come so we went looking for him. I found him at the top of the stairs, he looked asleep and i went to stroke him but he was cold and stiff.

Bruno was only very young and he didnt have a full life unlike some cats. The moment i first saw him at the cat shelter I knew i would be his mum and it was a case of a few days and he was home with us. I thought he would grow old with me, see my children and be there for a long time to come and to lose him within 8 months of having him has totally devestated me. I still cannot accept he's gone but I know he won't return. I would give anything in the world to hear his miaow, feel his soft clean fur and cuddle him one last time but I know i cant have that. I am totally heart broken because I treated him like my own baby, i know that sounds silly but I had wanted all my life (I am 22) to have a pet and look after it. It seems cruel I was given the chance and have it taken away so quickly but I know that I gave Bruno the best life he could ever possibly have whilst he was here.

I hope hes chasing his Pom Pom in the sky now, happy and peaceful up there.

All my love Bruno, Mummy x
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Your post brings me to tears! I can feel the love you have for sweet Bruno, and the pain you are feeling now. I am so very sorry for your loss. He was a beautiful kitty, and I'm glad his life with you was full of love and happiness. I'm sorry he couldn't stay with you longer!
Hugs, Becky
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I am sitting here with tears in my eye too.
You were loved sweet darling.
RIP precious Bruno.
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I'm so sorry for you painful loss, and am touched by the beauty of your tribute.

Rest in peace and perfect health Bruno. Enjoy Rainbow Bridge.
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Oh I am so sorry about the very sad loss of Bruno, heres sending you lots of hugs to take you through the forthcoming days. He had a very special time with you and he knows how much you loved him.

Your beautiful words will float up high to Bruno

RIP little one, you are much loved and you can run & play with all your new fur-family now over the bridge
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Bruno was such a gorgeous boy He's happily chasing that Pom Pom, waiting for the time you will meet again.

RIP Bruno
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What a gorgeous boy Rainbow Bridge has opened it's gate to

Bruno will be having a brilliant time at the bridge right now, and he's chasing his pom poms alright along with sharing all the other toys thats there

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I am saddened to hear about the passing of you little bundle of joy. May you live with the comfort that you gave him the best quality of life you could, and hopefully you will receive another present by having another cat very soon. My deepest sympathies go out to you.
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I'm sorry for your loss. RIP Bruno.
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I know exactly how it feels as today it's been three weeks I lost my beloved Nena. She stayed with us only one year and one day. She had a terrible death, she was killed by three dogs which makes it more painful for me. You will hurt for a long time. I know because I still burst into tears every day. I know how it is to miss all those noises you got so used to, to miss him waking you up in the mornings, waiting there when you get home, watching him playing with his pom pom. You are not alone, I deeply feel for you.
RIP Bruno
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RIP Bruno.......

And lots of caring Vibes to Bruno's mum...
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For your kind words.

It gets better everyday, but the house seems too empty without him. I have had dreams about him every night since he passed away, I cant stop thinkin about him and I talk about him all the time. We placed a candle on his grave on Monday night and it burnt all night long, we were surprised as it was so windy! I spelt his name out in flowers on on his grave, and they are still there now. We buried him under his favourite paving slab, he would run out every morning to this particular slab in th garden and sit there sniffing the air and surveying his territory.

Sorry I keep going on but living out my memories makes it easier for me, that way hes still here with me. We left his cat flap open for now, so his spirit can come in and out as it pleases. I know his spirit is in the house, sometimes it feels as if hes here with me. I have my memories and for these i will be eternally grateful.

See you again one day my darling

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Bruno is adorable, I am so sorry for your loss. RIP Sweet Bruno
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Bruno was a blessed cat to have someone who loved him so deeply. Hugs to you in your loss. Bruno, rest in peace sweetie.
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Your Bruno had a great Mom who loved him dearly, but too short a life, I also cried reading your post, I just lost my cat on Saturday, she was 16 years old. As I know, it takes time to heal, I have lost other pets, there is no easy way. Bless you and feel good for the fact that you loved Bruno while he was here.
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Bruno may have had a short life but it was a good one where he was well loved. I know he is at the Rainbow Bridge sending you kitty head butts and all his love right back at you until he sees you again.

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