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sorry to hear of your loss as well today, but please be rest assured that suzie will watch over him till you meet again. I bet they are playing together right now, headbutting each other playfully.
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RIP Bagheera, play well at the bridge.
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RIP Geery. We will miss you
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Dear Bagheera,

You were taken so young but you will live on threw the all of the peoples hearts you have touched along your journey.

Rest in Peace Sweet Bagheera
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I am so very sorry to hear this, RIP little one, sadly taken too young.
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Run fast across the bridge Bagheera, your new friends are waiting for you to take you to your new home to play

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So very sorry, too young to be taken. Hang in there, you loved him very much, that shows.
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Soory to read of Bagheera's passing. He is now enjoying himself with all of our kitties at the Bridge. Take care!!
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so sorry to hear about your loss - but Bagheera left us from one of his favorite spots, didn't he? to the both of you during this painful time...
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We are all so sorry for your loss. Rest in peace little kitty. You are loved and missed.
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