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With a very sad heart I'm lettting evryone know Bagheera died today at 9:30. He was not quite 6 months old. He was the best cat in the world. He was my bed buddy the last week of me being here. Everyone who knew him will miss him so much. He was the sweetest goofiest cat I ever met. He was always purring even when he was playing. He did have a rotten streak but over all he was the perfect cat. He had so many health problems his whole life. His little body just couldnt take it any more. Kitten is crying and searching all over the house for her baby boy. Its going to be very empty around here without him. He died curled up in Ambers lap. When they went to pick him up he was in the front with the receptionist. Running around greeting everyone who came in. He was so happy to see his people. The vet picked Ambewr up at 8 along with one of the vet techs who Bagheera just loved. They all 3 went to pick him up. In the car he was running around between them all. Until he curled up in Ambers lap. He was purring like crazy. She noticed he had stopped purring so she looked down and he was gone. That really shows you the kinda cat he was. I think he knew Amber couldnt choose to put him down and made a way out for her. Shes not doing to well at all. She asked me to post some picture of him. So here are a variety of pics of Mister Gheery.
As a baby

Buddy and Bagheera were best buddies. Boys must stick together

After being neutered his bald butt

Crazy look

Looking cute and healthy
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Play happy and free over the bridge, Sweet Bagheera. Your meowny and purrpoppa love you very much.
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I am soo sorry to hear about Bagheera passing away. I know how much Amber loved him. Please let her know that while it hurts to loose a furbaby that you grow soo close to- she at least was able to give him all of her love and affection while he was alive and give him an excellent home. Bagheera was one lucky little guy- and Amber gave him the best possible home he could have hoped for. I am soo sorry you lost the little guy. I know Amber must be all torn up over the loss of her little kitty- please try not to let her stress too much ( I know it will be hard) so that little lava girl won't be affected by the stress as well. I will keep you and Amber in my thoughts and prayers today. Please tell her i'm here is she needs to talk
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Oh what a sweet boy, this has ruined my day, Please know you guys are in my Thoughts and Prayers
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Play happily at the bridge sweet baby .....
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I am so sorry for you loss of Bagheera. I know he will live on in your hearts. I know he will be loved and missed by everyone. Bagheera was one of my Fav kitties on TCS I remember making my very first siggy i chose cute little Bagheera. We are all here for you if you need anything Hugs sent your way.

Rest in peace Little Bagheera you will be missed
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He is such a sweet beautiful boy, and he's pain free now. RIP sweet Bagheera Take comfort in knowing you took such good care of him while he was here.
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It's no fun to lose your bed buddy. Have fun little one!
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Play free and chase those butterflies, honey. Very sad, sad headbuts and tearful, sorry licks from KittenKiya's Clan. We weep with you.
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I posted my condolences in the other thread, but wanted to add this after reading your post about how he was this morning just before he passed.

I think it very fitting that he was being his little loving self right up until the moment that he chose to go in a place that was the most secure for him - in his meowmy's lap.

I know this has to be especially hard for Amber, but the little guy knew he was loved and gave it back right up until the end.

My heart breaks along with yours. Rest in peace, you dear little minx.
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He may not have had much time here, but what little time he had was filled with fun and joy and above all lots of love. That is a good life to have, even if it was tragically short, and he will always be in your hearts.

Blessings to you Bagheera, rest in peace little one.
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RIP Bagheera, you were an angel on earth
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My heart sank when I saw this.
RIP sweet Bagheera
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Amber and John,
I'm very sorry for your loss.
RIP Bagheera.
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RIP, little Bagheera. You were loved very much.
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My condolences on your family's sad loss.

Rest in peace and perfect health Bagheera. Play happily at Rainbow Bridge.
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RIP Sweet Bagheera

My thoughts and prayers are with you.
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Rest in Peace darling Bagheera. Never doubt that you were much loved but everyone that knew you, or even heard of you here on TCS. Play happily over the bridge.
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I am so sorry. I know how hard it is.
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Rest in peace sweet baby boy, and know your were loved so very much
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I am so sorry he is gone now.Yes, he let Amber keep from having to put him down by going peacfully hisself in her lap where he knew he was loved.
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I am so sorry your guys' loss. It's so hard to lose a beloved furbaby so much. Please tell Amber that she did everything possible she could for him and he is forever greatful for that. I know how much she loved him and atleast he was loved and knew what a family was like before he went to the brigde. Please tell Amber we are here for her whenever she needs us.
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I was so sad to see Bagheera here at the Bridge forum...it is just way too soon! It is hard to lose any furkid, but so especially sad when they are just a baby! My heart goes out to John and Amber, and all who loved Bagheera.

Run free over the Bridge, Bagheera. You will find many TCS kitties to show you around. Look for Inchy...I'm sure the two of you can stir up some trouble together!

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I am so sorry to both you & Amber for your loss. He was nothing but a kitten, no kitty should die that young. I'm glad in a way that Amber didn't have to make any tough decisions & that he died in her lap. He died with one of the people he loved most in the world.

Play happily over the rainbow bridge baby Bagheera!
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Amber & John....

I know there isn't anything that one can say to make this loss any easier....so sorry to hear of your loss. Time will heal the pain....
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I'm so sorry to hear of your loss.
Rest in peace beautiful sweet Bagheera, play happily over the rainbow bridge.
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RIP Bagheera

My thoughts are with you
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I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of Bagheera, he sounded like such a sweet boy, and it sounds as though his last few moment were peaceful and happy, just the way you want a kitty to pass if they have to.

I'm so glad amber didn't have to go through the trauma of euthanising him

RIP sweet Bagheera
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I'm so sorry to hear of your loss - RIP Bagheera
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Little Bagheera, your time here was short but you were well loved. Rest in peace little one.
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