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No Ragdolls Available...I'm Bummed...

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Only two (of the six) breeders I've contacted have bothered to contact me. This fact surprises me, since all the Ragdoll websites I've seen encourage prospective buyers to e-mail questions. Hmmm...*scratches head*

I'm totally bummed because my hubby and I desire a Ragdoll most of all. But no one has kittens available (nor will they be in the next few months). I did find one cattery's site that says they'll have kittens available in Sept., but they charge $100 more than the norm (for pet quality cats).

In case you're wondering, I'm checking only "local" breeders (those within a three-hour driving distance). I don't wish to have a kitten I've never met shipped to me.

Thanks for "listening" to my vent,

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Where are you located?
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Silly question: I have read this in a few posts but...What exactly is a Ragdoll? Guess I am not too familiar with the different types of kitties.
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I'm currently in MI, but my husband and I hope to move back to my hometown area (Chicago). We're willing to travel to a breeder three-hours away in either MI, IN or IL. Of course, once we do finally move, we'll be *much* farther away from some breeders than others, which would put a damper on thigs as well.

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Whisker's Mom,
Here's some information on Ragdolls!

Ragdolls are the largest cat breed in the world. A female Ragdoll generally weights about 8-15 pounds and males about 12-20 pounds. This makes them about three times bigger than regular cats. However, Ragdolls grow slowly and it takes about 3-4 years to reach full maturity.

Ragdolls are heavy-boned and very muscular cats with broad chests and large hindquarters. Their eyes are always blue and their ears are large and rounded. The tail of ragdoll is long and bushy.

All Ragdolls are considered "pointed" cats which means that their faces, ears, legs and tails are darker than the body. Newborn kittens are white and their colors and patterns start to show when they are about 10 days old.

The Ragdoll got its name because, when laying around or being held in someone's arms, they tend to relax all their muscles and go limp, like a "ragdoll." Other characteristics that could be connected to a ragdoll are that they are friendly, sweet, loving, docile, gentle and serene. Aside from physical characteristics it is mainly the personality of a ragdoll which gives it its name.

Ragdolls personalities are generally friendly, sweet, loving, and gentle. They are very people-oriented and bond strongly to their owners. Because Ragdolls are very social cats, it is recomended that you get at least two two of them if you are often away from the home.

Ragdolls are calm and moderately active cats and love to play. With their easy-going attitude they get along well with other animals and children and rarely use their claws while playing.

A Blue Point Ragdoll

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Hi Vader, have you checked breedlist.com? It will break down breeders by location and breed for you. I saw one ragdoll breeder in Illinois, plus there were two in SE Iowa, which might fall within you distance criteria. They both have very nice websites too.
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Just a thought, but Jenk - do you have a rescue centre near you that maybe has a Ragdoll? Or a specialist long-hair rescue centre?

Or have you guys set your hearts on a kitten . . .
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Vader...thanks for the info.

Wow.....a Ragdoll is a pretty eye catching breed! Just beautiful!

Jenk, I think I know now, why you have your heart set on getting one!

Good luck!
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I had the same thought as Yola - I'm sure there is a Ragdoll Rescue organization around somewhere... Perhaps they might have a kitten or even an adult who already has had some experience with birds. Perhaps you could check if such an organization exists in your area?
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In chronological order...

1. Vader: Isn't the pic you provide a blue bicolor?

2. Fireshoes: I have contacted breeders in MI, IL and IA (which is as far as I'm willing to drive).

3. Yola: I personally have no qualms about taking in a cat beyond its kitten years. But having birds, I want a young cat, so as to train it early that our birds aren't prey for anyone.

4. Whisker's Mom: Yup, my heart is pretty set (although I've met some very cute, non-purebred kittens in the past week).

5. Valanhb: All I can do is check around. Yet I'm tentatively on a breeder's waiting list, so I need answers quickly, so as to be fair to everyone involved.

6. Susieq: Thank you for the information. I will check into it, but I still need a kitten to start off with.

Thank you,

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If you're willing to travel a bit I know of a VERY nicer breeder in NJ, just across the border of PA..... Her Dolls are beautifull
Lemme know and I can put you in contact with her...
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I thought I would move your thread over here. It's possible there may be some breeders who don't get over to the lounge
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Jenk, yes that is a Blue Bicolor.

Here's some great breeders in those areas. A link and picture from each site as well!


Angel Spun Rags

From Angel Spun Rags


Angel Soft Ragdolls

From Angel Soft Ragdolls

N-NW suburbs of Chicago

Deirdre's Dolls

From Deirdre's Dolls


Kittyhaven Ragdolls of Michigan

From Kittyhaven Ragdolls Of Michigan

Southwestern Michigan

Michicat Ragdolls

From Michicat Ragdolls

North Central Illinois


From Mikyttens

Niles, Michigan

Purrs A Plenty

From Purrs A Plenty

Hope I got the areas right!!
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