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cats fighting over mice

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Last night i heard a loud growling snarling smacking noise I thought a dog broke into my house or something lol

but one of my cats caught a mouse and had it between her paws and was snarling and spitting at the other cats who were just sitting there watching

is that normal? I havent seen cats fight over prey like that you would think they wouldnt since they all have food available 24/7 but the one cat acted as though it was a tiger protecting its kill lol
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It is normal. They do seem to be very territorial over anything they have caught. Mine even do that sometimes with a toy that has feathers on it.
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Lily does that with fuzzy glitter balls, especially if they're brand new. I don't think it's anything to worry about, although I'd be looking into how she found a mouse in the house.
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The minute I hear that protective growl I look round to see which of them has something they shouldn't! It can be a live mouse or other prey, a toy or a piece of food. I heard it tonight and discovered Wellington had snitched a large piece of meat out of a bowl and Ellie and Persil were trying to get their share.
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Yes, its common. We had barn cats and they would sometimes argue over prey.

If you really want to see true instinct, put some shredded cooked chicken on a plate for 6-8 week old kittens! They will instinctively growl and claim pieces of the chicken and dare you to try and get it.
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