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Doing Litter Expeimant

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I have 3 adult indoor cats and currently 8 foster kittens. I used A&H Litter for several years but lately it seems like the formula has become dustier or I am more sensitive so I am thinking of changing. I tried A&H new High Permformance but that isn't going to work well. It tracks really bad all over the carpet. And 2 of the cats think they need to dig to China each time they get in the litter box and even in the covered boxes they scattered the litter everywhere. So I am trying an experiment.
I bought my first LitterMaid yesterday and some Fresh Step, Tidy Cats Crystals and Feline Pine. I washed all of the litter boxes and filled each with something different. And I am going to see which one tracks the least; and keeps the odor to a minimum.
So far today the Litter Maid is the winner. I think that is just that it is something new. They liked the Tidy Cats Crystals but don't seem to like the Feline Pine.
I will keep you all posted
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Interesting experiment!!
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I'm real big into trying new litters. I think I've tried every one on the market looking for something that works great and is not to expensive. My newest favorite is "Mimi Litter" from walmart. Here's the specs on it:
It is irregular grain and milky in appearance and its adsorption Capacity is over 80%. It has strong friction between grains and thus won't Scatter easily. This type of cat litter can remain stable and your pets won't Have the se4nse of sinking down. It can also function to massage the feet of your Pets. Long-haired pets may prefer this type of coarse-grained litter because It won't cling as much to fur. Besides, when you are traveling together with your Pets, you'd better carry this type of cat litter, it will not scatter all around When the pets are playing with it and thus it may spare you the trouble of frequent Clean-up.

I absolutely love this litter!! and so do my cats. You scoop out the solid waste and it has no smell of urine at all. And to top it off it's only half the price of some on the other litters ($3.63/bag). Has anyone elso tried this litter? What do you think.
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