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vet visit.

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I had the joyous experience of taking both the kitties to the vet today, trying to get 2 cat carrier cases in the back of a mini is not easy.

Unfortuantly I spent more money than planned,the idea was to get the 2nd stage of Jinxy's vacinations done and Corky for a general check up. However I ended up getting the pet I.D. chips, from what I have read here the chips in USA are less reliable in the fact that not all shelters have the scanning equipment, thankfully the only 2 local charities and the 3 nearby vets all having the scanning equipment, which means I don't have to worry so much, as Corky is always losing her collars.Oh and also I couldnt resist a couple of toys and some treaties for them, not that the 2 of them are spoilt

One slight concern I had is the Vet noticed a small hard lump between Jinxys shoulders, it feels like a bit of bone. She thinks it may either be a reaction to the first set of vacinations or possibly a bee sting (unfortuantly Corky has a habit of catching bees)> I intend to keep an eye on it for the next few weeks I was just curious if anyone had any ideas what it is. She is fine apart from that, she plays and eats well ect.


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More than likely it's just a vaccine reaction. It's very common for them to get small bumps at the injection site. Just a tip on vaccines, it's a little safer for the vaccines to be given in the hind quarters, the lower the better. If by chance it developed into a cancer, the leg can be removed and the cat saved
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Yes - I would also say it's a reaction to the vaccination.

Fifi had a lump on her shoulder about a week after her jab. I panicked and got the vet to biopsy it. There was nothing untoward thankfully.

I'd just suggest keeping and eye on it over the next couple of weeks, and if it changes in size or texture at all, get Jinxy back to the vet asap.
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