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Felony trial coming up for man charged with shooting 2 cats, blinding one

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The attack occurred late last year in the Quad Cities at the Iowa-Illinois border. The trial has been postponed twice. A man shot his neighbors cats with an air rifle multiple times. One cat, Felix, apparently was restrained while the man shot him in the eyes. After the cats were recovered, Felix had to have both eyes surgically removed. The owner has incurred over $1200 in vet bills, but unfortunately no amout of money will make Felix's life normal again.

The charge was initially aggravated animal cruelty, a misdemeanor, but public pressure led to it being upgraded to a charge of felony animal torture. He also faces the aggrataved animal cruelty charge for the shooting of Cassie, the owner's other cat. if convicted of both charges, the man faces a maximum penalty of 4 years in prison and a fine of $27,500.

I will keep you posted as I find out more information. To read all of the articles about the story, follow the link:

The articles are mostly toward the bottom of the page.
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Since the articles gave out the scumbags address, I've written him a letter. He is a piece of garbage that is too stupid to live. My he rot in hell!!
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Oh, please God, just give me the power to make known mine vengence against the F@#@##G A$$HOLE$!!!!

RRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! @##@@^&#@#@$#$#@#$#@# !!!! Oooohhhh! I just get so F-ing pissed off!

I wanna just take the guy that beat that baby racoon, this prick, Lacy, that vet that killed Melanie and lock them in a room and sprinkle sulfiric acid onto them in small doses for days on end. Oh, I could be a murderer!

THESE C@##@SUCKERS don't deserve to live! Now, I'm going to be up all night again just totally pissed off at the world!
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OMG! This man is so sick! I don't see how they could've let him out on a 100$ bale! If I were the judge I would send him to see a psychiatrist. The man is obviously very sick and a danger to the public. I'm going to email all those new stations and let them know what I think.

I'm glad they published his home address. With any luck someone will send him something really nasty.
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An eye for an eye that is what I say!!!!
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I am completely sickened. I used to believe there was some good, buried, perhaps very deeply, somewhere in everyone. What a stupid thought. I have been rudely awakened. But now that I am, I will not tolerate this. I will fight against any form of abuse and cruelty with every fiber of my being. This needs to stop.

Ever notice? The scumbags only torture and abuse the
ones that can't fight back, the innocents.

I will be writting letters also, and proudly sign the petition!
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This makes me sick!!!! I have tears in my eyes every time I read something like this. I am pretty sensitive, and it too hard for me to even think about this.

People who hurt animals don't deserve to be on this planet.
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How horrifying! This idiot should be suffering in the fires of hell...God forgive me, but I've had it!

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The trial was scheduled to begin today, but there hasn't been an update on the web page yet. I will let you all know as soon as I find out anything.
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Has anyone read the actual petition of the people signing this thing!!! OMG I can't believe's an all out war over there. I went there to sign and then I thought to read some of these postings. Man...someone's gonna get killed!
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I haven't read it, but in my emotional state I'm staying away from abused animal things for a few days (except Max) just to give myself some room. What ARE they saying? I hope someone shoots this guy in the eyes and asks if he likes it. The prick!
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They have a mug shot of the guy on there...I thought me and a couple of my Bodybuilder Buds would ask him if he'd like to go for a boat ride...get him on...make a few paper cuts...then chum for sharks..........this is what animal abuse cases do to ME!!!!!!
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If you can believe this, the Kraklio trial has been postponed for the THIRD time! Obviously the courts must have "more important" things to do than try an animal torture case. The new trial date is set for May 30th. The trial's original date was Jan 12th. Then March. Then April. This is disgusting.
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OH, Catarina, may I join you with my cane in one hand and a steel rod in the other???

By the way, I'll email you soon. WE NEED TO TALK ON THE PHONE!!!! :-)
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OMG...Kraklio needs immediate attention; this is a crime within itself...I'm so infuriated; I'm sure you all are too and what now? He's gonna walk the streets until the hearing; he's capable of killing anything that walks; I can't believe the mechanics of the judicial system I ever have? So much work...that's all I can think of is so much work is desperately needed in the indifference of man! What about picketing in front of the courthouse? Maybe that's what these people ought to be motivated to do up's not that damn cold!!!
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How do you think I feel!!!! Not only is the " suspect "
Max's Murderer able to walk the streets, but May do so with a firearm, if he so chooses.

What is society comming too? This other slimeball can't put the hearing off forever, correspondence needs to be sent to the right people, and get them moving on this. My heart goes out to those precious babies.
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i just read through this thread, and the link provided; i am
sitting here with my beloved cats, crying, and shaking...


my sentiments echo all of yours, i am too upset, and strung
out over the injustices of cases like these to type much
longer, but i will say again:


treat it like a CRIME AND PUNISH those who BREAK THE LAW.

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That man needs to have his eyes removed, so he can always remember how cruel he is.
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Kraklio was found GUILTY on both counts!

Check out the link for the full story:

No sentencing date has been set yet.

Finally, after 3 trial delays, Justice Is Served!!!
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Oh I had that site bookmarked and I went back and read the verdict earlier today! I was so happy that scumbag was held accountable for his actions.
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Let's hope this sob gets the maximum scentence. This story, like Max's, is atrocious and it is :censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor:s like these that should just be tortured unmercifully, thrown in a ditch and allowed to die.

It pleases me to see this jerk convicted, though justice - in my humble opinion - would be to let someone cut his eyeballs out of his head with a rusty razor blade and let him live his life blind as this poor cat will have to.
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Does anybody know what's happening with this case? Has this jerk had his sentencing date set yet? I've been trying to find some information on the web, but I haven't been able to.

I hope he gets locked up for what he did to these poor babies.

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