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Destroys collar

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Does anyone else have this problem? Whiskers is one of 2 siblings that I am catsitting for my granddaughter and she and her brother Gus get to wrestling so much that this is what they do to thier collars. This was a purple nylon collar with white flowers on it

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Yes, I have had 1 collar look like that.That was BEFORE I put on soft claws on all the cats but Blaze.Now, they can't claw it to shreds.
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I got Gizmo a cotton collar, and she no longer kicks it to shreds.

It also helped that her allergies were treated by diet...but she still scratches! You can just make out her cotton collar in this picture.
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My previous cat Sylvia always scratched her collar until it was all fuzzed like that... We solved the problem by getting her a leather collar instead.
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The difference with the cotton collar is that it is still 'breakaway'. Leather collars aren't.
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It's possible to make a leather collar breakaway... All you need is a small piece of elastic to tie on.
ETA: Also, some places sell leather collars already breakaway, like this site.
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Zebra did that to a collar before. It looked almost the exact same as that except instead of flowers it had white paw prints. I had to keep cutting off all the stuff sticking out, until it was barely a collar anymore. She hasn't done it too bad to the collar shes wearing now.
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