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the Daily Thread Monday Nov 6

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Good morning all, it is Monday again...

But a good holiday! I love PB!

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Good evening....

A quick note, I'm rushing off for a Cat show meeting...

It's raining now and it was quite cool today...sub 30degrees C....

Bright skies and I got quite a lot of work done...

Have a good day today!
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I hate Mondays!

Just work for me today
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Good morning everyone!!

Today is my day off and I should probably still be in bed but I always seem to wake up at 6:30 no matter what.

I'm not too sure what I'm going to be doing today. Probably some more shopping for my SS

Have a great Monday!
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today is a great day!!
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Today is an over cast day here.Not sure what the temps will be.Got to go and do the dreaded grocery shopping today.
Have a GREAT day all.
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Good Morning! Well I am back to work today. Lee is gone and this is the first work week without him! MOre on that later!
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Neil and I had a surprise adventure yesterday morning. A local hot air ballon company after floating past our house landed in our neighbor's back yard. After they tethered the ballon to a couple vehicles-we got to go up in the balloon for a few minutes. Now we will have to do this for real!!
Nice weather predicted this week-I took a walk this am already and have lots of cleanup in my garden to tackle.
Have a good day!!
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OH boy Neet, I'll celebrate peanut butter lovers day! I LOVE peaNUT butter!!!UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

Sunny and clear here in Ohio this morning...........not too cold. I think it's 50 now.............makes me so not want to be here, stuck at my desk, slaving away...............
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Morning all. It's about 50 here too. I have to work but only 10:30-2. Not ready to go yet. Can you see how enthused I am about going there anymore?
I really need a new job, but when they see what I make, they look at me like why do you want a lower paying job? I really can't say because I'm miserable at my current one now can I?
OH well. Happy peanut butter day to all! I love PB and J's I think I'll have one when I get home!

Have a wonderfully fall day everyone!!!
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Morning All!!!

Ugh, Mondays....is it time to go home yet? I didn't sleep last night, but I did get alot of stuff done over the weekend. And little Lou is recouping nicely from his neuter. Daddy made the kitties a cat tree! It's SO cool. It would go for a fortune in the store. I'll have to post pics after I get the software from my new camera onto my pc. Hope you all have a better Monday than I'm having!!!

Have a great day!
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