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Boarding for first time!

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I have to go to the Uk on Wed this week for four nights and I need to arrange animal care. The ponies are no problem - I have someone who can come over and check them out each day, and they are still living out, so they will be OK. But in current circumstances I dare not leave the cats at home and have someone come over - it would be too difficult if they got out, and this house is not designed as cat proof. Even I make mistakes - Wellington got out last Friday but fortunately I was able to get him back within 30 seconds. A cat sitter would not be able to do that.
So, I have found what I think is a really good place. They breed Persians and Chartreux and have a boarding facility. I have been to see it and it is clean and the cages are large and comfortable. There is a 'vet room' with exam table and a good range of equipment. They also breed dogs (not sure which breed) and run a pony club, so they are animal people all round! And they feed Royal Canin. So now I have to decide how to split the guys up - Persil can only be with Ellie, she will fight the others, but I am not sure how Dushka and Wellington will make out in one cage. Dushka can be very grumpy at times with the others. I think I will have to tell them to start like that but separate them if necessary. So some good vibes needed that all will go well. I wish I could leave them at home but right now it is too risky.
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It sounds like a really good place - especially being that they are all round animal lovers!

I hope you can work out the dynamics of your kitties so that they can have a comfortable stay! I'm sure the people at the boarding facility will be only too happy to work things out if anything isn't quite right!

Many good }}}VIBES{{{ on the way that things go well!
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It's tough that you have to leave them at the moment but it sounds like a really good place. Hope you have a good trip. Did you get the power cut?
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Sending vibes that your babies will be okay.
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Anakat - power cut? What power cut? Am I being stupid?
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Aww I'm sure they'll be fine. THe first time I boarded Wonton I was SO nervous, but I found a good place, I went in back to see where they animals actually stay (if they don't let you do this, it's a big red flag), and the people seemed nice. Also, there was someone in the building 24 hours, so that was comforting. I'm fine leaving him there now. It sounds like you picked a good place, so you don't have to worry
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{{{{{Vibing for Jenny and the kits!}}}}}
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Just checking to see if you have been forgiven yet?
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Sounds like you have it all under control Jenny...........
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Originally Posted by jennyranson View Post
Anakat - power cut? What power cut? Am I being stupid?
This one
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Oh My! I never even knew about it! We do get cuts, but that one passed us by. I am back, the cats are fine, and exploring the house to make sure everything is as they left it (it isn't, as workmen have been in and dug up the kitchen floor for retiling and spoiled the cats' shortcut upstairs by putting balustrade and banister rails around the stairs and mezannine). But they don't seem too worried and mostly they just wanted to sleep yesterday - I know how they felt as I did not sleep on the ferrry over. Persil is a little subdued but is eating and drinking OK so I think she is basically all right. All of them were delighted to see me. 24 hours on and there are no symptoms of anything - that was my main worry as even the best run catteries can harbour infection.

It was a good trip, and the highlight was meeting Anakat and her DH at their house for tea on Saturday. Their three cats are just beautiful!
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Well everything worked out well didn't it!!
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