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Bagheera's Been Very sick.

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Poor little guy. I feel horrible for him. He's lost a pound in the last week. And feels so frail when you pick him up. Mostly been sleeping with me all day. Friday night Amber found him laying on his side gasping for air and his skin was blue. He just laid there staring at us. So she brought him to the emergency vet. He's still there. According to them he's doing better today. He even ate a little. But when his regular vet called to check on him. The ER vet said he wasnt doing good and that he probably should be put down soon. So Amber is faced with putting him down right now. She isnt sure if shes going to because he seemed so happy when she went to see him today. He was up and playing. She's not taking him being sick well. I'm hoping you guys can get him some feeling better vibes. I dont know what will happen. But his fate is being decided tomorow when he gets moved to his regular vet. So far hes holding his own. Also please keep Amber in your thoughts and prayers. Shes really upset right now. Bagheera is her baby. Shes had him since he was 4 weeks old and so sick no one thought he would make it threw the night.
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OMG! I knew she would be faced with a decision like this, but I had hoped(& thought) he would have months yet! I'll be sending tons of get well soon vibes! Please keep us updated...& hopefully you'll have nothing but good news! ...hugs....
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I'm so sorry. the poor sweetie! I will be thinking of you all and hoping for the best for sweet Bagheera.
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Oh Bless his little heart, I'm sorry Amber has to go through this!
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Oh I hope it's not as bad as they think, It's so heartbraking to hear this, I'll have Bagheera in my thoughts and prayers along wth the both of you, good vibes coming that way from myself and my crew of 8
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Im so sorry to hear this about Bagheera. Im sending many vibes to him and Amber.
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Oh no, poor Bagheera!!!! I hope this isn't his time, and if it is at least you can take comfort in knowing you guys gave him a wonderfull like as short as it is.
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Oh, poor Bagheera. Here's more {{{vibes}}} for both him and Amber. Amber has certainly done everything possible to help him. Keep us informed.
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Oh man!!! I had also hoped he would have more time here with her.She has done so much for him.Sending good news vibes you alls way.PLEASE keep us updated.
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{{{}}} vibes and prayers from our house to yours. Hang in there little man!
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stay strong Bagheera! lots of vibes that he will recover and calming vibes to you and Amber
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Tons of vibes headed from our house to yours..............
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And more vibes coming from me and my two!
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And some vibes from me too.... I hope it is not yet his time
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Oh what a terrible position to be in. Please get better headbuts and come home licks from KittenKiya's Clan. We are so sorry.
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Tons of positive,healthy energy coming from the other side of the world!!!
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