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First exam tomorrow!

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I have my first uni exam tomorrow for my Bachelor of Business degree. It's accounting which I really don't like, but I'm "relatively" confident of at least passing.... But since it's my first exam I don't really know what to expect!! It's 3 hours long as well - phew!

Work was even nice enough to give me the time off and pay me for it!
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((((vibes))))) Good luck!!!!
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Good luck! But I have a sneaking suspicion that you don't need it

I think I was out of school 14 years before I went to University. I was totally freaked by the thought of my first exam in Anatomy and Physiology! I was taking it during a spring intersession and it was a full course. So the whole course was crammed into 6 weeks (plus 6 weeks of lab time) instead of 3 semesters. Talk about intense. We were covering 3 months worth of material in a period of 2 weeks.

When the marks were posted I was amazed to see A+ next to my name! I was so excited that I ran across the campus to find a phone and call a friend of mine who was my support and who pushed me and pushed me and told me to not settle for anything less than an A+ and to strive for even better the next time! I finished that course with a 4.0. I'll never forget that.

I was especially proud because I had applied to nursing school and because my grades in high school weren't all that great (family problems and no time to study), they only accepted me conditionally that I get at least a C+ in A&P, and I ended up with much better than that. I almost wanted to rub the nursing school director's nose in it, LOL

Come back and post and tell us how you did! I think you will do just fine and once you get that A+ tack it up on your wall and use it for motivation for your next exam!
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Thanks very much, I think I will do ok - but like you, I've been out of school 10 years now, and that first exam is scary!!!

I will let you know how it goes!
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Good luck!

I went to school for Business as well, I hated accounting!

You'll do great!
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Good luck Sarah! You can do it!!
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Good luck Sarah!! You'll do great
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Best of luck to you!!
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So this exam was darn hard!!!!! It was a lot harder than previous years exams (which are available online and I aced), and there was heaps of theory in it!!!! Who heard of an accounting exam full of theory??? Sheesh...

So hopefully I'll get enough marks to pass!!!
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I'm sure you did just fine!!!!
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Good luck!!!
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