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Kitten eating "lite" food?

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Does anyone know if it's bad for a kitten to eat "lite" adult cat food if they are also getting a good kitten food?
I am concerned because my senior cat gets "free-fed" Wellness Lite, and I will be getting a 15 week old kitten soon... I can't think of any way to keep the kitten from eating the lite food once he has been fully introduced into the house... At first we plan to keep him separate until the two get used to each other and so we can keep him out of mischief, but after that they will both be allowed access to the same areas so there is no way I can think of to keep the "lite" food away from the kitten. I can probably feed the kitten in meals so the senior cat will not get his food, but my senior cat is too set in her ways to change how she eats...
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LITE or LIGHT food as well as SENIOR should NEVER be feed to a kitten... an accidental kibble here and there wouldnt likely cause a problem
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You may find that you'll have more problems keeping the seniors out of the kitten food.
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Can you keep one room or closet off limits to the kitten, and feed your senior cat there? She might appreciate having a place to get away from kitten antics, in any case.
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