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pics of suzie

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well after a bit of working on them, I found them and found where to post them, hope this works on the first chance.
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Oh my goodness Suzie is just adorable!

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She's so cute!!! We need more pics of her
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ty, have not figured it all out yet, but i will eventually. lol
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If you get a photobucket account you can upload her pictures to it, then post them on here, and photobucket is free.
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well these are the first pics I tool when I decided to keep her. Will have to get a few more, but that will take a bit of time, she is passed out in her bed that I added a pillow too today, lol.
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i just did sign up for photbucket, and that was the first attempt at posting a pic on here.
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Well that's so sweet, she's a living doll...looking forward to seeing her again!!!
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Heres her other pic....

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thanks pami, glad you got them to work
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She's very cute!!

In photobucket, there's a few links under each photo. There's one that says IMG next to it. Copy that link, and just paste that directly into here. So it will look like this:

[IMG]http://i86.photobucketexample[ /IMG]

Then it gets turned into a photo when posted.
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cool, ty for that. Will try to remember that next time
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here are a few more pics of suzie for you all. Hope you enjoy them.

up in daddy's lap, yipppeeeeeeeeee

daddy's lap is comfy, time for a nap
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Awwwwwwwww Suzie your just too precious for words!
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