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Those Islamic countries really disgust me What they do to women who have affairs and have children as a result is horrendous!
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That is horrible.
That poor woman and baby. I don't know what to say.
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So what about the father? What does he get? Nothing, of course. In the twisted way some of these fanatics think, it would all be the woman's fault anyway. I get so mad when I read this stuff.

A few years ago I read several books written by a woman who is part of the Saudi royal family. She does not reveal her true identity for obvious reasons. Some of the stories she tells are so sad and senseless. The books are Princess: A True Story of Life Behind the Veil and Princess Sultana's Daughters, written by Jean Sasson. If you do read them be prepared for lots of emotions as a result.
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They are going back a few thousand years. I guess they have found a lot of men who are guiltless to throw the first stones! They really have regressed, haven't they?
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Could someone explain to me why they were chanting "God is good"? I don't really know of any God that would want murder. Forgive me, I'm not a very religious person.
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Hopefully, they will make it to the Supreme Court like the article said ..... I feel sorry for her and the baby. So, she made a mistake, but that doesn't justify murdering her in a horrible fashion!
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It is when I read about such horrendous acts that I am Thankful of where I live. What they are going to do to that poor woman is unbelievable. I feel really sad for her. Times like these make me wish we could do so much more...

Nowhere does it mention how she ended up having a child out of wedlock. Wouldn't surprise me if that happened against her will also. After all....it's the word of a single, poor mother against them. And from what I've read and seen about the Muslim world out there. The men can do no wrong.....

sockies mom: they were chanting "God is Good" when they took all those planes hostage on Sept. 11. I don't think there is any way to explain or understand about the Islam world and this so-called 'Allah'.
Thank God not all Muslim people believe and think this way.
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I was shocked and horrified that this can be allowed to happen. The poor girl, for that is what she is, is quite rightly so, terrified. Her image will haunt me for many years, as she clutched her frightened child. Sadly this is not an isolated case, and nor will it ever really be. A lady was stoned to death several months ago for the same reason only she didn't have the legal support. It took 6 horrific and dreadful hours before she finally had a merciful release.
It sickens me.

I asked my mother about why can she not seek sanctuary in another country. My mother replied that it isn't as easy as that, it requires money that she just doesn't have. To try to walk out of there in a random direction, would be fatal in itself, and I'm sure some of those 'law making' men would follow and take her life anyway.

I was disgusted by a head villager, who on the news said tha,t the ruling was one everyone thought appropriate. It made me think that we are very lucky to not live in that sort of environment, but wherever you go, society is bad. Britain is still in shock at the murder of two 10 year old girls who snuck out for sweets and never came home. Wherever you go, society is just plain sick, and people will always have different values and beliefs. It is just a few of us that make life understandable for ourselves, and restore our own faith in human kindness.

Now really is the time, to tell people close that you love them, give your kitties an extra snuggle, and be grateful for what we have and live for.

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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Although I am as horrified by this as everyone else here, we have to remember that we are forcing our societal morals on someone else. Like Jeanie said, their society is about 1000 years behind our own societal evolution. Jews used to stone their women who had sex outside of wedlock, too. Christians weren't always so kind and merciful, either. And we won't even talk about the Romans, who in all actuality were as much or more "civilized" as the countries we are talking about. Some of our laws, morals, and judgements would outrage these countries, too.

I'm certainly not justifying what they are doing, just giving some food for thought.
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True...they are definately living in the past. The poverty aspect does make it difficult for them to evolve with the times but boy...I just wish they didn't have that excuse to fall on. It still doesn't make it right today, just because they did it back then.

I am soooooo glad I was not born in the era where all of this was "acceptable" and continues to be so. I cannot imagine having to have my life ended by being stoned to death. That poor woman will be in my thoughts. My heart goes out to her and others who have to live through such horror.

What will happen to her baby???(I don't recall reading or hearing anything about this)
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I think a sentence like this is completely immoral. I think we need to remember that although this is a foul and despicable act - NOT all muslims share this fundamentalist attitude. There were many TV debates after 9-11 in the UK where many followers of islam expressed complete abhorence and disgust over the acts that madmen perpatrated in the name of their religion.

It does raise some interesting questions though about societies, their attitudes to life and death (and punishment and women). Also about revenge and the life-for-a-life theory.

As Sonia said - we have had two 10 year old girls murdered here. There has been a 2 week media circus surrounding this small village -with £1M rewards being posted by national papers, and ghoulish sightseers visiting this village in the hope of stumbling upon some 'vital' clue.

They have 2 people who are under heavyweight questioning who are suspects, and who both knew the 2 girls - their teaching assistant and her caretaker boyfriend. These people were interviewed by press early on in the hunt, and were just as tearful and upset as other members of the community.

So. The theoretical dillema is, if they carried out this murder, should we as a community have the power to takes these people's lives from them - as they took the little girls' lives?

In the US, in most states the answer (legally at least) would be yes. In the UK, legally, it would be no. But what if we executed somebody who was later proven to be innocent?

That doesn't bear thinking about also. Is taking a life for a life justifiable?
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I just wanted to say that my first reaction to this (after complete disgust and anger) is the same as Bren.1 - what about the FATHER!?!??!?!?!?! I'm sure this poor woman didn't get pregnant on her own..... and if the man is married, then he too should be punished, and if he's single, well then surely its not ok for him to have sex out of wedlock either?? And if it is, its a total contradiction - if men are allowed, but women aren't.... who are they supposed to do it with!??!?!!??!? ARGH this makes me so mad!! sorry if I'm not making sense....
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http://www.azcentral.com/news/articl...IGERIA-DC.html A lot of people throught the world are outraged ..... Hopefully this will change things!
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I would like to know who wrote the Sharia Law that allows such a brutal and slow demise. The person should be subjected to it themselves, or at least just to the point where they suffer enough to regret such writtings. The men of course in their religion are considered to be of a higher evolved species than the women, so they remain untouched and unblamed.

I do believe that it is wrong to force our own beliefs onto others, however I also realise that there is no humanity in the stoning to death of anyone, or the removal of limbs without anesthetic or treatment against bacterial infections, never mind what they did.
You get a cut on your hand, and it hurts, you bang your head on a corner, and it hurts, how can one not know or even understand that it is nothing short of torture to be stoned to death ?

I do know that in some countries it is a man's natural right to take his wife's virginity, and should she be found to be not 'intact' then it is a reflection on the man and his status in the community because it is considered a sign, that the woman could be carrying a STD, and therefore he could be infected too. So, there is a slight point to it. It is indeed, true that woman with no sexual contact, usually don't have any STD's, whereas the flip side to it all is that it is usually a man that would have transmitted the disease in the first place, and still nothing is done, and the man gets away with it scott free. In some countries after a wedding night a couple must prove the womans virginity by hanging out the post coital sheets. If the woman are not virgins, and this is discovered on the wedding night, then they are run out of town, with nothing to call their own. If the woman is sensible and has the money, she will go to her doctor and get checked, whether she has had an affair or not. If for some reason she is not intact, then a procedure can take place to replace the hymen.

All I can say is that, if the ruling does go ahead and the lady's fate is sealed, then I hope that she can pay someone to throw a large and heavy rock at her skull to end it for her quickly...just like the people being beheaded in the olden days in England, paying for a hopefully quick demise.

The child in the previous case was weaned and then taken into the desert and left to die. The half eaten body of the child was found by some reporters, according to the news reports on CNN. Who knows what will happen to the child in this case.

I truely hope their appeals will be heard and the lady will be spared, but if they did that, it would mean a major change in the laws. With world interest following the case, the country will want to appear strong and not bowing to pressure, especially after all that is going on in the world right now. I just pray that the judge will rule against the death sentance. Only time will tell.

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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This is just sick and barbaric! True, back in the old days, Romans, Christians, Jews, etc used to do things like this all the time, but we are not in the past anymore...and they should not be able to continue these horrible practices!!!
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I have to admit that I have spent the better part of the day feeling sorry fr myself. I have the flu.
But after reading the article, I don't feel sorry anymore. Just very sick and VERY VERY angry.
It's just not right. And it's not right to impose a new set of values on another society either.
Why isn't there a worldwide agency looking after people in unjust circumstances. Sure there's Amnesty International and the incumbnent UN, the world needs an organisation with some clout and it should be above and beyond the laws and religions of each country. There needs to be some sort of International Law and Justice system that upholds human rights before the judicial and religious structures of each country. And I stress that it must have clout.

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Sadly, a higher authority has agreed with the sentence, and it will be carried out. Our "rights," which we take for granted under our systems of laws and our constitutions are not standard in every country. Surely, though, if we can agree on the Geneva Convention to decide what is humane and what is not in wartime, we should be able to decide the same in times of peace. This is tragic.
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I just read some interesting tidbits, which really pointed out that this type of thing isn't all too far removed from "civilized" countries. We really aren't regressing thousands, or even hundreds of years, to when this treatment was typical.

In 1916 in Italy two women were sentenced to 1 year in prison for having sex out of wedlock (in separate incidents). They appealed on the basis that their male partners were not sentenced. The higher court determined that there was a legal precident for the double standard, and the sentences were upheld. Granted, the sentence wasn't near what we are discussing here, but the legal system upheld it in a civilized society.

More recently, in China in 1950 laws were passed to give women more freedoms. It was recorded in 1954 that in ONE PROVINCE more than 10,000 wives were murdered by their husbands for trying to take advantage of the new laws. It didn't say whether or not the husbands were charged with killing their wives.

More food for thought...
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