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I'm keeping one of the kittens that my sister and I rescued. Currently they're about 5 weeks old and using Yesterdays news. It's all working fine for now, but in the future I'd like to switch to a corn based clumping (such as Worlds Best Litter) and was wondering at what age it would be advisible to switch over.
Also, Chester (my current kitty) wears a collar, and I quite enjoy having him do so, not just because I'm a suck and like to change his collars around, but it also means that if his microchip doesn't work, his tag will bring him home to me. Dynah will also be partaking in collar-dom as she gets older. Obviously she's too small now (about 1lb) to break a breakable clasp. About what weight/age/size could I start collar-ing her?
Thanks guys!