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Poor little baby-----happy ending!

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Hi Everyone
Its been a while(I've been really busy with work) but I have to tell you all about this poor kitten.
I was at work on Wednesday when one of the teachers came in and said that there was a little black kitten sitting in the middle of the road. So I said "AND YOU LEFT IT THERE???!!!" I could not believe she left it there. So off I went with one of my co-workers. The poor little thing was just laying in the road & at first we thought it wasn't even alive, it's eyes & nose were covered with dried blood & dirt. And then it took a deep breath (through its mouth) so I scooped it up and took it to the vet. At this point I thought it might have to be put to sleep, but that had to be better than dying in the road.The vet said to leave it with them & they would clean it up and begin the care.I called on Thursday and they said it had only one eye and lots of infection so they neede to keep it over night again. So I called on Friday and they said it was perking up but still needed alot of nursing. The vet said that his assistant was willing to take over the nursing but she was already getting really attached and was interested in adopting it!! Which was great!!! I just called to check & see how it was doing and it's still in need of constant care,it's so young that it needs to be fed every couple of hours, but at least it has a good home with a live-in nurse!
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It's so great that such good can come from such bad.
Bless your heart for picking that kitty up off the road and taking it to care. I'm so glad that the nurse is interested in adopting it!

This was in the local paper today: http://www.bowesnet.com/thechronicle/story3.html
She's on vacation, so I can't get ahold of her to see if she needs any more temp/permanent homes, but I hope she found them all homes. Another example of good from bad.
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I'm so glad you rescued that kitten. I don't understand how that teacher left that poor baby in such danger, but hopefully, the damage she did in doing NOTHING will not prevent that baby from having a happy life. Imagine--all of that suffering and blindness in one eye because someone was too busy to pick up a kitten. That's pretty d@$# busy!
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I'm sure glad that story had a happy ending. I'm glad there are people out there like you and the woman who took the babies out of the dump to help these little angels.
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Oh, the poor babe!
Bless you for stepping up to the plate and taking kitty to the Vet. Please keep us posted on his progress.
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You are a good samaritan. Thanks so much for helping this little kitty.

I'm also amazed that somebody else could have just walked past this helpless animal without stopping and helping.

Good on you - let us know how kitty does.
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