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Fire Alarm!!!!

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I'm so mad! Our fire alarm went off in the middle of dinner. This happened in our building last week and it was a short. We go out to find the super, and find out he quit as super and is now a tenant with no key, so he can't shut it off. People start calling the building manager, who is about 30 minute away at a bare minimum. She says the cops and fire are coming, but she'll be there soon, they'll take care of the alarm (because at this point, it's been established which alarms have set it off and there is no fire, just a short again most likely). So, the 5-0 comes, bf talks to them in the hall while I'm putting animals in carriers in case this noise continues, cuz they'll lose their minds. The alarm on our floors goes off and just the one in the utility room continues, which I guess was the cops, so now the noise is managable. Bf comes back, turns out the fire department didn't come and it looks as if the system isn't connected to alert the FD! They found that out last week when it happened the first time! I can't believe it! They're probably gonna get sued........

Alarm had completely stopped after a total of about 40 minutes, I'd say.
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I'm glad it wasn't a REAL fire then!!!!
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how annoying!!! I guess everyones gonna be a little crabby for the rest of the night lol
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So far as I know it's against the law for anyone to turn off a fire alarm other than the fire department that responds. At least here it is. The alarm gets turned off after the fire department has attended and determined whether it was real or a false alarm.

In the last 2 years my building has had 2 real fires in it. Both on the 3rd floor, different apartments and causes. The first was smoking related and the fire, smoke and water damage caused $300,000.00 dollars damage. The other was cooking related and that one caused about $200,000.00 in damage.

That alarm really needs to be connected to the fire department.
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Thank goodness it wasn't a real fire!

That happened to us one time in our building at about 10PM! A lot of us weren't too happy that it went off, but we were glad to see that the police showed up right away, along with our landlord!
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