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Monday DT

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Gosh, after all the news from this weekend, with Debby and Amber, and Spawn and Luckie being lost and then found, a DT seems pretty anti-climactic.

It's hard to believe that someone is happy it's Monday and back to work, but after a weekend of moving I am! The move actually went pretty well. It was a very long Saturday, with people not showing up until 11:30, then working through the heat of the day. We finally stopped at about 3:00 with a bunch of boxes still in the truck (but all of the big furniture moved), and just about died that night. Sunday's crew showed up at a little after 9:00, loaded up the rest of our boxes and we were completely unloaded before noon. Even returned the truck early.

The move didn't go quite as smoothly for Trent and Ophelia, though. Ophelia turned into a ball of claws when it was time to get into the carrier. Trent yowled the whole time he was in the carrier, which only added to Ophelia's stress. We got to the new place, and it seemed to be going OK. We left to load up the truck, and when we came back Trent was a little scared, but Ophelia was beyond stressed out. Ophelia buried herself in a box (which normally has her blanket on top) and didn't come out until about 11:30 that night. I think there was a kitty there before us, because she growled at everything. When hubby went in to see her, she poked her head out, and even purred for him, but still growled at everything around her. Saturday night she came out into the bedroom, but apparently was convinced that Trent was some other cat. She never actually attacked him, but growled and hissed. Poor Trent didn't know what to do. She is getting better, and even was coming out of the bedroom last night to explore the rest of the place. But last night she was sleeping on me and apparently Trent startled her. She went into a high-pitched growl, ears flat on her head. Again, she didn't attack him, just jumped off the bed at the first opportunity. I think they will be OK, though. In the daylight she seems OK with Trent as long as she knows he's coming.

Wow, this turned into a really long post. I've just been really worried about Ophelia, but saw her eating and drinking last night. That's a good sign!
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Everything's back to normal, just the way I like it! I have Spawn home to snuggle and love and spoil, and I'm thrilled. I spent the morning calling everyone I contacted when she went missing, like the vet's office and the shelters to let them know she's home, and I went around taking down reward posters. Boy did I have a lot of those up!

It's one of those days at work today, and I'm only here at TCS because I'm trying to avoid the work I need to get done. I've been putting it off for a month and a half though, and really need to get it done. *sigh*

Heidi, I'm glad to hear you got everything moved! I'm sure Ophelia will feel better with the place in time, but at least Trent is already fairly acclimated!
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I'm glad I found someone here! This has been a slow day. I wonder if a lot of people went on vacation this week, knowing that summer is quickly coming to an end. Heidi, I'm glad you got everything moved in. Now you can take your time putting things where you want them. I hope you're really happy in the new house. (apartment?) The babies hate change, don't they?

What a week we had! You're so right. Today is slow for me; like Jin, I'm just not in the mood to do anything constructive. I'm so glad the baby's born and the two lost kittens are home. What a relief! OK, someone post something funny and perk me up--all right?
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Well....it's still monday. (I know, it's kinda late for the DT but, I thought I'd drop in anyways.)

Heidi, I am soooooo glad your move is over and done with. You can now concentrate on "settling in". I'm sure Ophelia will be okay. Change sure does shake a person up, imagine what it does to a kitty who doesn't understand yet, that this is now home.

Jeanie, I can't think of anything funny right now but hopefully, you're not still waiting for someone to perk you up. It's been almost 4 hrs since your post. Hope your day has perked up by now!:tounge2:

I have 'escaped' from my clan upstairs by telling them I had work to do. Sometimes 3 boys (actually 2 boys and a husband) can be a handful and you just need to get away. This was one of those times :LOL:

Hope everyone has a nice evening!
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I'm off, today and mostly goofed off.

Bill and I bought a new truck. His '87 Ford Ranger didn't have AC and it rode like a swaybacked mule. We decided that we don't need two trucks so, we're keeping my car.

We got a '98 Nissan Frontier extended cab (Ike needs a place to ride). Its got all the goodies that we want: AC, AM-FM stereo and a nice interior. We were looking at two that were, nearly, identical. We bought the one with the 5-speed. It was $3000.00 cheaper than the automatic. The only thing this truck needs, to make it perfect, is a purple paint job. Maybe, down the road.
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I'm stopping in really late too. Jeanie, I'm sorry it's been slow for you today and I hope something's happened to perk you up by now. I don't really have anything to add, I just stopped by to see how everyone was doing. Have a nice evening!
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