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Colour points

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Ok, so Misty and Casper's litter has such a variety of colours come out in the kittens. It's weird.

One (junior is identical to Casper), Dot and Pearl look just like Misty and they look exactly like the pics I've looked up on the net for Lynx points(just degree of darknesses), but then the twins (two identical boys) are all white except their ears and tail, which are a redish burnt orange colour (they are all 6 weeks old)....what point would that be?
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Perhaps they are flame/red points? Like this http://www.catoftheday.com/archive/2004/June/13.jpg maybe?
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They do have that color, but not like that cat in the pic. They are completely white so far except their ears and tail, which is a solid red/burnt orange colour.

I was kind of thinking that they were flame point, but not sure.
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If they are shorthair cats like siamese it would be properly called a "red point". If its like a himalayan, they call it "flame". But its the same color This is for solid color points. If they have tabby markings its a red lynx point.

A solid red point is a little hard to get as red tends to show some tabby striping. But a red lynx (tabby) point would show heavy tabby markings compared to the "solid".

Sandi, your picture would be a red lynx point (cause of the striping).
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lol Yeah...that was one of the better pictures I could find online, but the striping definatley makes them lynx. My chocolate boy is a lynx as well. I never knew the distinction of red from flame before, so thanks for explaining that!
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I should post some pics of them...maybe that would help figure it out eh? I'm going to try and do that for friday...I have to anyways because I have some requests for pics from people who are interested in picking one out.
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