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Page loading

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Anyone having problems with the pages freezeing up
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YEP!!! And it's making me mad
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I am not having any problems
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I'm having to reload the page a few times before it will load.
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I'm not having any problems either
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Maybe an ad problem?
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I cleaned my cookies,files and delted my history and it seems to have helped it.
But, my litte emotions aren't working.Like waving and etc.
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Working fine here...
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Maybe it's just those of us on dial up
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No I have dsl and it's been doing it all day
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Have any of the ads changed, I know the shaky type ads sometimes make my computer freeze
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It's the same ad for me as usual.The Fresh Step litter one
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I have had some problems loading pages but I assumed it was my computer.
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Nope, I think there are a couple of us having that problem.My Icons/emotions are still not moving either.
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I don't have dial up..we have dsl but it is loading a little slow for me today. and the icons are switched around for me now. not in their usual order.
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Everytime I see that fresh step ad I chuckle to myself and wonder if anyone tried to scratch and sniff
My icons are not the same either..
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Mine are different also.I just thought maybe Anne switches them around so more of them get used.
DH saw that ad and said the same thing."I wonder how many have actually tried to sniff their screens".
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my smilies are in a different order, I now have to either open the smilie window or type the code to use this
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