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Do your cats sleep in a cat bed?

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After reading about Chester's aversion to his lovely cat bed, it got me wondering...

Our old cats never really cared about a cat bed we got them, until we put it in one of our cats favourite sunny spots, then he slept in it fairly often.

The last 2 cats we had completely ignored the cat beds we got, but Lily and Stumpy love their cat bed!

Yesterday Lily was curled up under the bed, and the cat bed was out on the landing, so I moved it under the bed, and looked under the bed a few minutes later and she was curled up in it.

Lily likes the bed under our bed since that is a favourite sleeping spot, and Stumpy likes it at the landing at the top of the stairs, since that is HER favourite spot, so looks as though we're buying a second cat bed.
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Our cat bed is now the Toy Box. I have a couple of really great pics of them in it, but that was about the only time they actually got IN the bed.
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If by sleeping in a cat bed you mean that my husband and I have to figure out a new yoga position every night to avoid kicking one of the boys, then yes they do. But if you mean avoiding the $30.00 cat bed I bought them at an overpriced boutique by jumping over it, then no.
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My girls LOVE their cat beds!!! I got them really really cute ones last Christmas!
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When they feel like it they do. Scully and Boomer love them, Bumper will sleep in one if there is no room for him on the bed / sofa wherever else I happen to be and Magnum will if one of the others is using it just to spite them

They don't however, like the ones with fleece on the inside and will not sit on their little 'sofa bed' if it is opened to a bed instead of folded into a sofa
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My cats sleep in a cat bed during the day and in our bed at night.
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Mine sleep where ever in the Living room they want to............cat tree,cat cube,floor,couch,etc.
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I put the thing in his favorite sleeping spot

his reaction was to change spots.
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Trout would NEVER sleep anywhere that I actually planned for her to sleep.
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Davidson sleeps in his cat bed, but Harley would much rather sleep on the cold kitchen floor They both sleep on our bed during the day tho.
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I answered yes - we have numerous cat beds, cat pillows (that I made) and cat couches around the apartment and each has their favorite one or two. And if they're not in those beds, they're in our bed.

Our cats are pampered and enjoy comfort.
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Last year I made a couple of those round cat beds. I used polar fleece which I should know is a cat hair magnet so it alwayds looks grungy plus the sides are all squished down but Bakker loves it. Mom bought me the most ugly cat bed-a terrible gray cat hair attracting fabric. That is Grizzlies bed but Bobs will go and snuggle in with her. I am in the process of recovering it in a funky green with polka dots fleece (another cat magnet)!!
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I got mine beds and they didnt touch them, so I gave them away. Recently, I wanted to see if they would try again, so I purchased some again. They LOVE them now!

I keep them on top of the beds and I think thats why they like them now.
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Heh! Their cat bed is a queen sized water bed and they allow me to share it with them
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We were just at the shops, and I saw a big cat bed that was pretty cheap, so grabbed that. I got it home and Stumpy was trying to lie in it while it was upside down and I was trying to cut the tags off!! I think she likes it...

Smudge is currently sleeping in it.
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Nope, Sash doesn't bother with his kitty bed. At first he liked it, I don't think he's used it in a year now. I thought maybe it's just too deep, so this week I'm going to buy him a nice, new flat kitty bed and we'll see how that goes...
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Sometimes if u change the location they like it better, it's something new for them...It works with my cats anyway!!!
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Yup - I think the new bed is a winner...
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I have 2 "traditional" cat beds that the kitties like, but their favorite is the "homemade" cat bed, which is a copy paper box lid with a quilt in it they also really like to sleep on top of their turbo scratchers
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Rocket and Luna will sleep in the cat beds on the couch. Twig and Isis won't give them a second look. The all will sleep in the cat hammocks on the windows, and on our bed though.
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Mine like it okay - they tend to use it in spurts. Sometimes it will go unused for awhile and other times there's always someone in there. I think some of it depends on the weather.
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Our big boy (45 lbs) sleeps in a dog bed. He also likes a mat in the sun. Our little boy Frank sleeps on our bed as well as a doggie bed and loves to sleep on top of any box (loves boxes)
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Originally Posted by fat cat sam View Post
Our big boy (45 lbs) sleeps in a dog bed. He also likes a mat in the sun. Our little boy Frank sleeps on our bed as well as a doggie bed and loves to sleep on top of any box (loves boxes)
You have a 45lb CAT???????
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well suzie I have found out, is like me, she will sleep anywhere where she can lay her head. Since I have put a pillow in a little makeshift cat bed I have she has been in it the whole day, except when she was up moving around or in my lap.
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Yeah - its a queen-sized four-poster thst they graciously allow me to share.
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well, suzie does not sleep in bed with me at all
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Anya ignored them for a bit in the beginning but now she sleeps in all of them. She sleeps on top of her cat condo when she wants to be near the window. She sleeps in her basket next to the TV when we're in there and she wants to be "with us" but not necessarily in our laps. And she sleeps in her fuzzy play tunnel in our bedroom when she's cold.

She also sleeps some on the foot of our bed at night, and then sh's recently set claim to a polartec blanket in our bedroom as well.
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lol depends,
if i am in the computer room yep they use it.. if i am in the bed, they are follow.
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nope, my cat likes to use my bed instead.
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I am afraid to say that, although my cat is spoiled in many respects, his cat bed consists of a cardboard box with an old sweater for comfort

But he loves it, and yes he does sleep in it
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