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Why does my cat suck his tail

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I have a black kitten 7 mos old who will not stop sucking his tail! I have 2 other cats as well that never had this problem and asked a bunch of other people that have never seen this.

It doesn't seem healthy, he sits there purring all night in our bed and sucking on his tail. We can't seem to stop it... does anyone have any ideas? Should we try and stop it or is this something that he needs to do?
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It may be his way of comforting himself.I'm not sure though!! I'd call your Vet and ask if you are concerned about it.
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I would try to curb it if he is doing it vigorously enough to remove hair and causes any sores. Mainly because of the possibility of infection.

I had an abandoned kitten that did this, we sprayed bitter stuff on it and he stopped. I think he was just trying to comfort himself, so we gave him tons of attention when he was getting ready to go to sleep. It worked. (FWIW, my kitten was doing it so much he had lost all of the hair on the tip of his tail and caused sores...if this habit is not bad, I may just ignore it)
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Thanks very much,,, I just never really heard of a cat doing this before and it's quite annoying. i'll try bitter liquid or citrus and see if he stops. i hope he's not traumatized though - maybe I should get him a pacifier. LOL.
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I've been haveing simlar problems! My 1st cat used to suck her own nipple and now my new cat (I moved and my old cat is liveing with my mom) sucks on people! especialy hands and faces.

I looked up cats sucking but all i can find is siameese cats suck fabric. They said it was because they were not happy and needed comfort. Both of my cats have been tabbys and as far as i can tell my cat is a happy hyper kitten that has so much love it doesnt know what to do with.

But you are not alone in this! i thought it was rather commen since both my cats did it. My old cat has mostly grown out of it but my new cat is makeing my skin turn red. I kinda think of it as thumb sucking for a cat. When he goes in for his shots i'm defnitly asking his vet about this though. If i can make him stop then i wanna.
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Thanks for your reply...it's nice to know that I'm not alone! hahaha. You mentioned about Siamese cats sucking on fabric, does anyone know if a black kitty is part siamese? Someone told me that they are, was just wondering for sure if anyone knows. My kitty is black...

I think that I will try putting lemon juice on the tail. I heard cats hate citrus and maybe he'll stop. I just don't wanna traumatize him. But we'll see and I'll kep you all updated.

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Nothing is more disgusting than waking up to a soaking wet tail in the face. Joe is my kitty and I love him...but this tail sucking bit really bothers me...he is so loud while sucking that he wakes me up...
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