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B****y fireworks!

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Ok Ok I know it's November 5th, and for the non's this is Guy Fawkes night, a celebration of when guy fawkes tried to burn down the houses of parliament.
I'm all for the organised fireworks, I attended some last night with my s.o., my mum and my brothers and it was lovely.
BUT tonight it sounds like every house in my village is having non stop fireworks! This has been going on since it got dark, (around 5.30) and is seriously starting to get on my nerves. It keeps making poor Villy jump She's dozing in her little cosy house now, but I've got all the curtains shut and the tv on so she can't see them and the noises are a little muffled.
I just hope everyone else in the village (or anywhere there's fireworks) are keeping their kitties in tonight, I don't even want to think about the consequences otherwise.
Sorry, rant over!
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I'm sorry about all the fireworks. Hopefully they will stop soon
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I have a headache now I got in at about 5.30pm and they've been going non stop since then. Only just got to the point where there is actually a few seconds pause between bouts. Fortunately Jaffa and Mosi aren't too bothered by them, but there have been a few extra loud ones that have spooked them out a bit.
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How frustrating..sorry you have to endure your dumb neighbours.
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I won't go off on another rant about fireworks (not a big fan), I just wanted to sympathize.
I sure hope people have their poor pets inside.
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I understand, we have to go through that on the fourth of july. I like the organized ones, but every stupid jerk around here, buy and set off their own. It is illegal to do that, but they don't care. They could set a house on fire, or better yet blow off a finger.
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Thanks everyone,. they finally stopped shortly after 10pm!
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Originally Posted by Jessy View Post
Thanks everyone,. they finally stopped shortly after 10pm!
You were lucky they were still going after midnight here!
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They were going til after midnight here too Didn't get much sleep last night. They'll be going off again tonight, though hopefully not constantly like the past couple of nights.
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Thankfully they didn't go on very long where i live, but the feliway spray and diffuser were on overtime last night as a precaution.

I'm sure it'll happen one day because of the way their cracking down on homemade bonfires etc..., but the sooner they stop selling fireworks to the general public the better
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My three aren't bothered by the bangs and Chloe likes to sit in the window and watch them.
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Originally Posted by Anakat View Post
My three aren't bothered by the bangs and Chloe likes to sit in the window and watch them.
same with my cat aswell
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Luckily Villy's not too bothered, just a little jumpy. I had the feliway plug in.
Sorry for you guys that it went on till after midnight.
I have heard a few here tonight too, I'm keeping Villy in just in case. She hasn't asked to go out yet anyway, luckily.
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Some going off right now!

Fortunately Radar is not at all bothered by them, he is curled up on my lap purring and making it difficult to type
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They've been going on till after midnight here, too... and there's been some tonight, too, even though Bonfire night was yesterday! One of my two isn't too bothered (she's going deaf) but the other one is permanently following me around...
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Iwondered what the fireworks were all about?
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i hardly heard any fireworks tonight, but yesterday it was like world war 3 XD.
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