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Texture of Cal Nat?

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I've been researching foods as it looks like I'll have to switch due to Lily's gas problems. I'm currently feeding Lily Chicken Soup dry and canned. Eve gets an extra meal where she gets all the other stuff left over in my cupboards.

California Natural Chicken and Rice looks promising with its small number of ingredients. My question is what is the texture of the canned like? Eve will eat Nutro canned but not much at a time because it's very paste-like. She likes the very finely ground stuff like Chicken Soup, Felidae, and Innova and she likes finely shredded food like Meow Mix. I don't want to switch to something that she won't eat.
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California Natural canned food is a sort of pate--it's very fine ground. My cat would not eat it (she does not eat any canned food save for fish) but yours should like it. It's excellent food.
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Finely ground? That sounds right up her alley. As long as it's not paste and it's not big chunks ala Nutro pouches, she'll eat plenty of it. Thanks!
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another to look at would be Solid gold and evangers... both good foods and finely grd
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Cal Natural is not gloppy or liquid. It comes out of the can as a fine, firmly packed pate.

I don't know if that counts as a 'paste' but can only suggest that you try a small can of the food. It's excellent quality but it really depends on your cat.

Good luck.
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