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I have a double, and it's barely big enough for me and the 2 cats.
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We have a king, and its perfect for me, John & the kitties. I'd never go to anything smaller. We are fortunate enough that we have enough room for the king, and plenty of room for our other bedroom furniature!
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We have a double bed and it's way too small for us. We're not investing into anything until after the deployment, though...and we'll be getting a king at that point. Erik's 6'5" and I'm 5'9" - we need our room!
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We had a double(full) before we moved into our new house in July this year. 2 german shepherds, 1 chinese crested, 2 adults and 2 cats is very tight in a double.

Now we have a king bed. its really high off the ground and the GSDs dont even try to get up there anymore and calista, the chinese crested has relented to sleeping on the recliner. Both cats still sleep with us though. Its a bit more roomy

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I have a queen size water bed and it's big enough. There is just me and my 2 cats and one of my cats likes to sleep pasted up against me or on me, so there is usually 1/2 of a bed left available... unless Chynna decides to occupy the pillow next to me. I often wake up and find myself diagonally across the bed through.

I love my water bed, but I would like to get a regular queen size bed because I would like the option of being able to move my furniture around.
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We have a full size bed. I would love to get a queen or king size since I'm such a bed hog, but we have always had rather small bedrooms and not sure if I want to go any larger.
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I have a full size bed, which is fine for me!
One day id like to have a king just to have a gigantic bed lol!
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1 queen bed + 5 cats = 1 toddler bed
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Darn it .. I should have kept both sets of drawers... I inherted my Moms Select comfort designed for a waterbed frame ... It is a queen but with a large yorkie( 13lbs) and a cat and me you would think it was a twin bed ....
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King size and we love it!!!
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King sized here too!
Purrfect for me, Dh and 4 spoiled cats!!!
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King size here, too.
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California King here. But with DH, 5 kitties, a dog and me, I think I'd have more room if I slept on the couch
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Queen here, I share it with a 30 lb dog, and anywhere from 5-8 cats it's big enough for us!
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Here I have a twin. Its way to small. At home I have a queen. Amber has a twin.
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Originally Posted by Pat & Alix View Post
We have a California King, and a relatively new (couple years ago) pillowtop mattress...I hear you about being 4 feet up off the ground! I have a small table next to the bed that serves mainly to assist kitties to get up on the bed

I'm only 4'11" so I have to climb in on the side board and slide out of it
My cats take the easy way I have a bench at the end onf the bed so they hop on it and there on the bed, I eased out of the bed one night a bit to far and wound up right in the treadmill keep saying I should get a foot stool but then I'm afraid I'll trip on it and brake my neck
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King, and i still dont understand why a women that is 5 foot 6 120 pounds need 95% and with the cats i get about 2% of it.
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