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Family Vibes...

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Life just isn't dealing me a good hand of cards recently.

After all this crap without having a job for the past month, its really been stressing me out. John's been working 11 hour days to help out with the bills, but its still really stressful.

Well, my best friend took me out for dinner last night and we went and did some much needed clothes shopping for me, and did a little shopping (for my SS too! )

So I was finally getting my mind off of everything thats been going on - until my mom calls.

She told me that my great uncle (my grandpa's brother) was just diagnosed yesterday with Brain Cancer - he's only got a short period of time to live. We aren't really close with him, but it still hurts. My Grandpa took it really hard, and I just started crying thinking of him and how much he has to be hurting too.

This is my 2nd great uncle that's been diagnosed with brain cancer, and its really really scary

If you could please send our family some vibes.... I'd appreciate it, I know we could all use them.

Thanks in advance.... you're all wonderful
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Sending good vibes your way!
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Healing headbuts and soooothing, soft licks from KittenKiya's Clan.
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I'm so very sorry, Mackenzie. you, your great uncle, and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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Hang on in there, this is a bad time and you must think as positive as you can. I am sorry for all the family and I hope you manage to get through it all together. It sounds like you are all close to each other emotionally and that must be a comfort to everyone.
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Oh that sounds horrible! Especially, because its your second time! Hang in there, and let us know about anything that you need help with!
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Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. (((vibes)))
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Oh.......many good wishes from me to you my friend!...


donĀ“t give up!
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Sending lots of good vibes your way. For you and your family
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Oh Kenz...what awful news for your family. I am really sorry that you have to go through this. I am sending many good vibes your way and prayers that your great uncle has more time that the doctors think.

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How horrible, Kens! Many good vibes coming your way
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That is so sad.
I am sending lots of calm, loving thoughts to you and your family.
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Oh hon, I'm so sorry. TONS of vibes and hugs from all of us in Iowa!
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Thanks everyone

I talked to my Grandma this afternoon - and she said that if they didn't do surgury, he would have 6-8 weeks to live, and if they did do surgury (which they are next week I do believe) he'll have 8 -14 months. He's 74 years old, which I believe is still way too young to go.

Thank you so much for all the vibes and prayers, they mean so much to me.

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Sending vibes to you and your family..
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Kitters and I are sending you {{{{{{{{{{{huge mega vibes}}}}}}}}}}}}
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