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i just noticed my 3 day old kittens are covered in fleas, i have the kittens parents and one dog, they were all on advantage and this was never a problem before. what should i do? i read the medicine and it says not to give to kittens or the mother, and also i know not to give them a bath this young. i tried to pick the fleas off but its hard to grab them and it seems like more are just showing up.
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Comb them with the finest tooth flea comb you can find, and dip the comb in a solution of water and Dawn dish detergent.
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k ill try that thanks
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ok i combed them several times and i still notice fleas all over them.... can i put a flea coller on the mother?? does anyone know anything else i can try??
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someone tell me if this was wrong. i had a real bad problem with my mother cat on her spine with fleas. and i mean bad. i gave her 1 capstart pill. (from the vet) and it works wonders.. and then buy some flea spray for ur carpets.. they will get in there and live foooorrreeevvvveeerrr.. i promise you. lol.
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Originally Posted by TRe View Post
ok i combed them several times and i still notice fleas all over them.... can i put a flea coller on the mother?? does anyone know anything else i can try??
No....flea collars are not effective. What you need to do is speak to your vet about a flea product that you can give to your mom.

The best way to remove fleas from very young kittens:

Your lice comb will probably be fine for this. You will need a bowl of hot water to which you will add just a small drop of dishwashing liquid - you don't need much, just enough to make the water a little sudsy. Also get a bunch of dry paper towels, believe me, you will need them. Don't just take the whole roll, tear a bunch off so they are at the ready. Gently pick up a baby and comb gently in the direction of fur growth to capture the fleas on the teeth of the comb. Quickly dip the comb completely into the water. Totally submerse it to dislodge the fleas. They will float to the top and try to jump off the surface of the water. Cover the bowl when you are combing to prevent this. Dry the comb thoroughly so as not to get baby wet at all and repeat this until you have removed the fleas. Work as quickly as you can so as not to upset Momma and do not put the baby you have just finished back into the nest with the other kittens until ALL of the kittens are combed.

Once all the kittens have been combed, take out the old bedding and wash it thoroughly in hot water and bleach or discard it wrapped up in a sealed plastic trash bag. Replace the bedding with clean and then put the kittens back in the nest. You will need to replace the bedding each and every time you comb the kittens until all the fleas are gone.
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Years ago I had a flea problem in my house and read all the green safe ways to rid yourself of them. One way was a nightly trap.

Yes I said Flea trap, it worked I did get fleas.

Basically you set a bowl of soapy water on the floor with a lamp over it. The fleas are attracted to the light and jump into the soapy water and they are trapped.

And since your babies are only 3 days old you don't have to worry about them getting into the water. I don't know if the fleas will leave their warm host for this trap but I say it would be worth the try. It cleaned out my furniture and carpets.
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