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Figaro update

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Happy to report that Figaro doesn't hide under the bed anymore, and you'll never guess what the problem was........ a busted hot water pipe under the slab in our house!!!!!!!! We finally figured out why our floors in the entryway, front bath and our closet were hot - the steam made out walk in closet a sauna and that's how we discovered what Figaro was trying to tell us all along!!!!!! Now he's no longer hiding under the bed, scratching like crazy and being basically unhappy. The piercing sound of the hissing water, etc must have been driving him crazy!!!! Now he's back to the totally playful loving pussycat he was before the leak!!! Thank heavens!!!!! If only we understood "catonese"!!!! hahaha

Just wanted to report the GREAT news!!! He can't give or get enough hugs and kisses the last few days!!!
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HOW WONDERFUL!!! I am so happy he is okay. It is so hard to tell what they are trying to say. He deserves a big hug and a delicous treat!!
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