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Help - Diarrhoea

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Hi guys,

My two cats have had bad diarrhoea since yesterday. As tomorrow morning is the earliest I can take them to the vet I am very worried about them.

I have had them off their food since last night. They're starving and are making me feel so bad all day meowing around me wondering why I'm not feeding them.
Poor little lambs.

They're indoor cats and the diarrhoea is so bad today that they're often not making it to the littir in time.

Is there anything I should/could do for them until tomorrow comes?
At the moment it's "nil by mouth" except water.

It's Sunday so there's nothing open or else I'd go to the clinic and try to get them something.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. X
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I have used apple pectin, the type used to make jelly, with a fairly good result.

Are their eyes running, nose running? Do they have a fever? Are they driinking water? If not water, you may want to use a syringe and get some water into them because they will dehydrate rapidly if they are going to the bathroom so often.
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Thanks very much for your response.

Thankfully there's no running eyes or noses.

They seem very bright, alert and hungry!! I'm thinking that it's some form of parasite.

Roll on tomorrow. They're drinking a little water.
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Do you have any pumpkin on hand? If you dice it and cook it in a little water, it might help to firm up their stools, and still their hunger pangs a bit.
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Also if you have any strained baby meats, that might help too.
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Really pumpkin?!!

We have about 20 pumpkins in the back room!!! We have a little olive farm here in Sicily where we also grow some organic produce.

I'll try it immediately!!

We've no baby meats but I can buy some in the supermarket thsi evening. Just a regualar jar of baby meat?
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Yep, I found that strained beef worked the best.
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