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WHO is peeing in the crate?

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I have a 7 month old boxer as well as two cats. I have had the puppy now for about three to four months so I am assuming that the cats are use to her. Last night puppy slept on the bed with us and I woke up to her slurrping something in her crate. It was pee! In the very back. This is the second time now that I have noticed pee in the crate. I am assuming because she was not locked in there both times that it was not her, plus it smelt very strong like cat urine. Has anyone else noticed that there cats peed in there dogs crate? What have you done? There is no pee anywhere else, except a couple weeks ago someone ALSO peed on the new douve cover I bought on the bed! I don't think it is the dog!
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I assume your dog is housebroken so I also doubt he is the culprit. Are your cats fixed? When was their last checkup? Make sure to clean and remove all traces of urine smell in the crate and any other place where "accidents" happened.
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If I was a dog living with two cats, I would try to get the cats blamed for everything. In fact, I once had that same condition and we pretended to leave once and snuck back in the house only to find the dog unrolling the toilet paper which we had always assumed was done by the cats.
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Most likely is was one of your cats, I would guess that your dog wouldn't go in the crate to pee if he was desperate because afteral most dogs/pups have to be pretty desperate to go in their own den and that's only because they are locked in and have no choice, so he would more likely accidently go near the bedroom door or something. Maybe the culprit is marking the crate as , cat's can be funny like that.
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