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another movie thread

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I rented Collateral Damage, Dragon Fly & John Q the other day. We haven't watched Dragon Fly yet. We did watch John Q and Collateral Damge, which I thought were both good. I've really liked Arnold's movies lately ....... and I thought Denzel Washington did a good job in his role as a father trying to get his boy a heart transplant.
What did you think of them if you saw them?
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I just saw Dragonfly last night and LOVED it!!! I'm not usually a huge Costner fan, but he was very good in this role. The ending had me literally sobbing. I'm thinking about renting Collateral Damage sometime this week.
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I rented Dragonfly a while ago and I didn't really enjoy it. I really liked The Time Machine, though
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I really liked John Q, but then, I really like Denzel. He's so talented and easy to look at, too.

I also saw Dragonfly and Collateral Damage. I liked both of them, but I figured out the surprise in each about halfway through. I guess I watch too many movies.

Has anyone seen Gosford Park? I thought it was a brilliant film, and a great depiction of class differences and snobbery.
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The best movie I have seen this year is Triple XXX. That was an action packed awesome movie. It's still in theaters out here in Canada!
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Oh, yes. I'm dying to see XXX. Loved Vin Diesel in Fast & the Furious, so this new one has to be good. I also took a chance & rented "In the Bedroom" which is NOT a sex flick. It was kind of draggy, but the end was a surprise. You just have to have p-a-t-i-e-n-c-e and sit through the rest of the movie.
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Since we moved and our satellite isn't up yet we have been watching some of our old(er) DVDs. It's funny because even though I've seen these movies, I've forgotten so much of the details that it's almost like watching a new movie again. We watched Se7en the other night, and it is still so good. Lord of the Rings is still fabulous (not so old, just came out on DVD), but if anyone hasn't seen it yet, DO! Of course, our other obsession lately has been the second series of The Simpsons also recently released on DVD.

Sorry no info on anything new...I was surprised at how much of the ones I have seen I have forgotten, and how much I enjoyed them again. Guess that's why we bought the DVDs in the first place!
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We rented Collateral Damage, and John Q, too, a few weeks ago. I loved them both!!!!! We also rented the new Bruce Willis movie...Hart's War (I think that is the name) it was great!!!!!!! have not seen Dragonfly...rented it, and didn't have time to watch it.
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Dragon Fly was really good! Debby, I think you'll like it!
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