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You'll never guess what showed up at work

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Yesterday I was at work (grumble, grumble) and someone came to our drive thru. Over the headsets we kept hearing "mew, mew mew" so we looked out the back door and asked the person in the truck if he had a cat in his truck. He said no and turned off his truck, and got out. well, this little calico cat came out from UNDER the hood of his truck! He'd been driving for god knows how long with it under there. Poor little thing. Looked barely 10 weeks old and skinny as a rail. She was friendly and let us pick her up, so we asked him if she was his or if he know anyone who might own her. He said no and that he didn't want a cat so we ( bad bad people that we were) took her in the restaurant. She was SOO cute. A co worker called someone she knew that was looking for a cat told him about her and he said that he'd be right over. In the mean time, I fell in LOVE ! Oh she was just so lovey and vocal and precious! I told him when he saw her that if he didn't want her, she had a home with me, no questions asked. But he took her because he said she was adorable. ( she really was but I wanted her! ) Oh well, at least she has a good home now and isn't going to be under the hood of a truck anymore looking for warmth. To top it off, she has a playmate they just got a day earlier and when they were introduced, they became instant friends, no hissing or anything. SO Tuesday the go to the vets and get shots, and tested for diseases and stuff. Couldn't ask for a happier ending to a scary story.
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That is perfect...what are the chances that would happen? That kitty is very lucky you heard her mewing..
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Wow - lucky kitty to have come through that unscathed! And to get a good home out of it! I love happy endings!
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We got Bumper in a very similar way, she is very lucky you heard her
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That is great..What are the odds? So glad the kitty found a home!
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This kitty is so luck to have been heard at your store so that she could find a wonderful home.
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Wow! What are the chances! She is lucky to have found a loving home now. Exactly what every kitty deserves.
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I'm so glad she was found and that she has a new home now.
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Wow that's a story for miracle pets what an awesome story
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What a lucky kitty and a wonderful ending!!!
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A couple of months ago, a cat wandered into Subway while I was working and I had to try to find someone to take her. I couldn't find anyone who would take her, but then there was a lady that agreed to keep her in her barn while she tried to find her a home. She was soo cute, and I wanted to keep her, but my boyfriend wouldn't let me.

It's great that kitty has a good home now. I wonder all the time what happened to the kitty in Subway.
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Oh thats such a happy story. I WAS a little scared in the beginning, but its so sweet in the end!
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Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
What a lucky kitty and a wonderful ending!!!
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Aww, great story. I'm so happy she has a home.
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A happy ending!!!
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