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Originally Posted by amitya View Post
I got my secret santa gift a couple days ago-- Havent had a chance between wrangling kids and cats and dogs to get pics taken and post. Im off work today so here it is. Got lots of nice stuff. Here are two pics of our stuff. Kitties are already enjoying the toys and treats.... ( too much as PB tore open the bag of Pounce treats and ate them all in one nite while we were sleeping)

Thank you my east coast Secret Santa-- Ill have to do some digging to figure out who you are.
Very nice!!!

SS's did such a fabulous job this year!!! Kudos to everyone!!
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I got my SS gift today too!!! I will post more info tomorrow as I'm a bit tired!!
I have to hide the chocolates from Neil though!!
I am a bit concerned that my SS hasn't gotten my package though as I mailed it USPS Priority Mail.
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Your not seriously gonna make us wait are you? That would be just wrong! I hope my recipient opens right away!
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Originally Posted by snosrap5 View Post
I haven't yet! I will this afternoon. I needed my SS permission! Remember I'm an angel!

Neet I have a picture for you from Takoda! He was a bad boy yesterday and ate all my stickers off my book-marker! Well he didn't eat them but he pulled them all off!
I've been very good, reading my way through the posts since I was last on. Not reacting to any - even Karen's so-called angelic demeanor ( ), but REALLY EVA! This sent me right over the edge!
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Originally Posted by gemlady View Post
You rang? Did someone mention rubber hoses?
Originally Posted by Russian Blue View Post

I've been staying on the sidelines waiting for the first punch. Oh, I forgot, SillyJilly and babyharley aren't here now so it shouldn't get too bad...unless the chocolate comes out again....
Originally Posted by snosrap5 View Post
It is scented candles like Coffee and Cream, Cappuccino, Sugared Almond and Chocolate Truffle. They smell awesome!

I have asked Sarah if she was my SS and she has come forward and confessed!

I may take you up on it. I'm going to try to find it here first.
Again Thank you Sarah!

It is cat food. My crew seems to think it's the next best thing!
Yaay Sarah! Great job on Eva's gifts! Don't make her give the gnome to Bad Auntie Karen, though!
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Originally Posted by Tari View Post
Well, all it took was a little nudge from my Secret Santa, and I fell over to the dark side. I opened my box last night. (I've been so swamped at work all day I haven't been able to get on, though. Nasty people...expecting me to work! )

The box contained five gift bags...

Which contained all of this!!

I got two adorable wooden cows to add to my kitchen collection, some wonderful smelling Sweet Pea body lotion (which I'm wearing today), a bath puff, a box of yummy Lindt chocolates, a cow magnet, an armadillo magnet (which had DH rolling with laughter because we have running joke about armadillos), and a beautiful framed quote:

I like the quote so much I put it on my bedside table so I could see it first thing in the morning or last thing at night.

My kitties got a whole smorgasbord of yummy kitty treats, including their most very favorite Wildlife Salmon and a bunch of catnip. They also got a bag of new catnip toys, which are already a big hit with Forest. (Tailer's too busy trying to get at the treats to play with toys, and Harvey's still too mad at me for taking him to the vet yesterday to come out.) I posted some pics of the boys with their presents here: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...d.php?t=108465

My clue was four pictures of four beautiful kitties...

It's Java, Cable, Pixel, and Chip...which makes my Secret Santa Laureen!!

Thank you so much, Laureen!! We love everything!
Wonderful gifts!
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Originally Posted by laureen227 View Post
i love those black cats, too. i also want EVERYONE on the dark side!

Same here!
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I found something at my door today...

:::skips around in a circle and sings:::

and it had my name on it...


and it is from :::sings: MANCHESTER, ENGLAND, ENGLAND, across the atlantic seeeeeeeeeea:::

and I have no idea yet who sent it to me...BUT...

there are more pressies coming!!!

This was package # 3 of 3... where are numbers 1 and 2? What could be in them? Who is my unbelievably wonderful SS? Hmmmm?

Whoever you are, oh my goodness what FUN!!!

A few minutes later: I think I know who my SS is... :::la-la-la:::
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Well are you going to bust it open? lol
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Please don't dissapoint us!
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Surely you don't expect her to open #3 of 3????!!!

She has to get #1 and #2 first!!
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Open Open!
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Originally Posted by kluchetta View Post
Surely you don't expect her to open #3 of 3????!!!

She has to get #1 and #2 first!!

Now we know she probably wouldn't get the best clues till last Maybe last is better lol
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It is way past my beddie-bie, so I'll leave you (taunt you? )with this: Already, we have been very spoiled.

Ginger and Ferris helped me open everything, I have piccies, but you will all have to wait until tomorrow to see what we got, as I am just too bushed to spend two hours uploading - but be forewarned, I have lots of pressies, therefore lots of piccies of happy kitties.

Stay tuned, SS fans...

Oh... here's the inside of the card I got:

Now I'm no longer so sure I know who it is from. Hmmmm....So far, other than the return addy being Manchester, I have zero clue...
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You are soooooo evil for not opening that tonight!!! Not fair!!! Open!! Open!!Open!!
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Excellent! More fantastic gifts!

I look forward to seeing more pictures, though!
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I think it FINALLY came!!! After the postman teasing me/taunting me with 4 other deliverys this week I was expecting nothing else but my daughter called me last night very excited and said there was a box at the door!

I'm so excited I can't contain myself.

I wanted soooooo bad to open it last night but it was 10pm and my 12 year old is just as into this as me so I promised her I would wait so she could open it with me. So she begged me last night to open it this morning before school. (We barely get to school on time without opening presents so that's not an option).
So now I have to torture myself staring at it till tomorrow cause my daughter and I will be gone all day today then she's got a dance tonite and I've got my company Christmas party.
ARRRGGGGHHHH....the torture!!!!

BTW - the only thing I know is that it's from WI.
NO HINTS anyone! If you guys think you know - I don't want any hints. I'm gonna figure this one out on my own. I am not totally familiar with where everyone is from, so it might take me some searching.
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How exciting! That really is going to be torture for both of you!

I think you should both have set the alarm clock for an hour early this morning!
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A little birdie told me that my SS gift has arrived, so I'm going to check my mail when I get home from work.
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Originally Posted by Sar View Post
How exciting! That really is going to be torture for both of you!

I think you should both have set the alarm clock for an hour early this morning!
You sound like my daughter. She can't get up on time to save her life, but she told me she would get up early this morning to open it. I just want to have the time to take pictures and enjoy it though without having to run out to work and school.
It's killing me!!! I can see the box from where I'm sitting. Not sure if I'll be able to hold out till tomorrow. Have to though....
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Can the kitties at least open it? (As have others in this thread )
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Ferris was SO excited to get the present in the mail, that he ran all over the house, picking up a cape somewhere along the way. Then he hid from me when I tried to help him get it off, so he could help me open the present.

Ferris the Caped Crusader:

Please notice Ginger's little face peeking in at the side - she was mad at me for catching her face on camera, and turned her back on me until we started looking at the package.

After all the commotion settled down, we started inspecting the package:

Ginger says, "Hmmmm...something in here smells GOOD, mom!"

I was happily surprized to see this on the back:

Hmmm...I seem to recall someone posting something about sending out multiple packages...must search on that...
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Then Ferris wanted to check out the package, too. He seemed very pleased to have received it:

OK - so we opened it up, and there were a bunch of presents all wrapped up in cute Scooby-Doo paper inside, along with the card that gave me NO clue who sent it, LOL!

Ginger checked them all out for us while Ferris supervised:

Then we started unwrapping, and Ferris was SO excited to see some shiny wrapping paper that he tried to drag it away almost immediately!

Ginger also came over to inspect all the wrapping paper - I think they could tell that some British kitties helped wrap everything up! (I could almost hear a proper little British meow. )
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The presents! Oh my gosh, we are already completely spoiled, and this one package would have been enough and wonderful all by itself - I can't believe there are two more on the way to us!

I am never going to be able to thank my Secret Santa enough for the wonderful gifts!

The first two we opened contained cat treats I've never seen in the US:

Ferris chose his favorite right away, the Felix Stix:

He gobbled down two of them and went CRAZY over the taste! I had to put them away for later.

Ginger tasted the Felix Stix, asnd she liked them, but she was a little "meh" over them, so I popped open the bag of the Thomas crunchy seafood treats, and wouldn't you know - she went crazy for those, sticking her face right in the bag and gobbling six of them down right away!

I tried to take her picture, but she told me that ladies don't like to be seen eating in public. I had to put those treats away for later, too.

Next we opened a pressie for me, two bars of 70% cocoa chocolate!
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They look as if they are having fun.
Everybody is getting great presents
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Great stuff! Hurry up 1 and 2!!!
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Wow great stuff!

I don't know for sure, but could it be that your SS mailed 3 packages to different people that day, and that is why it is marked like that? Maybe the post office did it?
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Next, we opened two packages, each containing BALLS! Fuzzy balls that make no noise, fuzzy balls that have rattles inside, and two multi-color-swirled ping-pong balls for the kits to play with.

I tossed down a whole handful of them, and Ferris had a blast playing with them!

There was also a nice rubber wristband in with the card that says England on it. I don't ever wear anything on my wrists, so with my SS's permission, I would like to give the bracelet to my skin-daughter, who has been on a trip to England and absolutely loved it there. She loves bracelets, wears them every day, and this will thrill her to pieces - if it's ok with you!

Here it is, sorry it didn't come out better quality:

And last, but by no means least, there was a double set of laser pens, with a grand total of 60, yes, SIXTY interchangeable heads!!!
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Here are the kits playing with their toys - both went crazy for the laser pens, of COURSE, and took turns jumping at the light. Ferris also interspersed his laser tag with some ball batting.

And finally (I had to post this) as my roomie was having a total blast playing with the laser pens, he decided to start trying out the different pen tips, and this was the first one he tried - we both fell over laughing as Ferris started jumping up to try and catch it:

THANK YOU SO MUCH, SECRET SANTA!!! We are going to have so much fun with the toys and the treats are SO yummy that we'll have to save them for special occasions so they don't go too fast.

You've been too good to us, and this was SO worth the wait - I still can't believe that there may be more packages coming! I honestly don't think I'm going to get this excited about any other gift this year!
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom View Post
Wow great stuff!

I don't know for sure, but could it be that your SS mailed 3 packages to different people that day, and that is why it is marked like that? Maybe the post office did it?
I dunno...looks like it was meant to be that way, considering there was a little drawing of a sprig of holly right next to it.

If I don't get anything else, it doesn't matter, because there was so much in package # 3!

Now I have to start trying to figure out who the culprit, I mean who my wonderful SS is!
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