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Odd sightings....

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One of the benefits of working at a TNR clinic is that you get to see cats in their entirety over time--all breeds and configurations. At my first clinic I saw a silver tabby kitten--beautiful! Last weekend I saw something truely unusual.

One of our trappers brought in an entire family--mother, father and five kittens. All were red tabbies--unusual because red tabbies tend overwhelmingly to be males....
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That must have been just beautiful. I personally like to work with my own cats......I had always thought that I would like to be a vet, or vet tech or volunteer at the Humane Society. But now I realize that that would not work out. I would end up being arrested for theft, because I would end up taking all the animals home, sick or not.

I certainly applaud all those who can work in these capacities and keep their sanity.

Loving headbuts and blessful licks from KittenKiya's Clan.
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The clinics we conduct are for feral and stray cats, and we love it anytime someone can home one of them....
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