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I can't wait any more!

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Ok most of you know that we are bringing a new Bengal home soon! Well we are going to get her Aug.30. I am so excited and just can't wait to get her. I am counting the days. We have 12 more days until we leave to get her! Oh and one other thing. our male was born last Monday and I get to pick from the litter of 6 when we pick up Alexis. In the litter of 6 we have 3 spotted male Bengals to choose from! I am going CRAZY here!

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I bet you can't wait! I remember when I first saw Gizmo and Scooter's pictures on the breeder's web site before I went to pick them up (got them within a few months apart), I thought I'd never get there! It seemed like I was driving soooooo sloooooow!
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Tigger it is going to seem like forever when we get there. I don't know how long the drive you had was but ours is a little over 8 hours. I also saw her picture on the breeders website and I have received some via email. I just know I can't wait to get her! I am not sure what is harder. Wating to get her or picking out my male and knowing he has to stay until November. I wish it was Aug.30!
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Good luck on your road trip. 8 hours will go by quickly.

Aug. 30th is just around the corner.

Gosh....I can just imagine all the loving and cuddling that will go on with you and your new Bengal. What a lucky kitty!!!!!
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Oh I can't wait to see pictures of your new babies!!! Alexis is a pretty name! Do you have a name picked for the other one? The 30th is geting closer!
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Iwish I were you and could take a Bengal home soon.We have a European Shorthair, very shy, and a lovely Maine Coon. S o the 3 men in my family decided that 2 cats were more than enough. Nevertheless Icould convince my husband to take me to a Catshow.There were a few Bengals but they were not very convincing.So postponed again. I´m interested in the Brockenmoor Bengals.See their website.Perhaps I´ll be lucky in a few years´time.So, good luck and all the best with the new member of your family.Love Elisabet
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Debby I do not have a name for the male yet. He was just born last Monday. He will not be coming home with us when we pick up Alexis. I am now haveing trouble with her breeder. We had a breeder price for her with no kitten back and now she wants a kittn back. She is changing the sale it makes me so . I am not sure what to do. I have contacted other breeders about this matter. They have sugested to tell her the original agreement or return the deposit. Oh well I will do the kitten back if I have to I do not want to lose such a good cat.

elisabeth provo that is to bad. Bengals are so much fun! I have a girl here that is getting into everything she also loves my kids. Maybe you can talk them into it most men like Bengals once they see them.
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Ok I have 1 week before I leave!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am ready to go right NOW!

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That stinks that the breeder is changing the sale!! I would be mad too!!!!!!!!
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Debby I talked to her again and let her know I was not happy. She said she would not make me do it then if I did not want too. I was happy but she will get one back anyway because we will still be getting our male from her. She has said she wants a kitten back from the male that is fine because I know now. She it would still be Alexi's kitten as I would breed him with her. She has been wonderful except when she changed the orignal sale.
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I forgot to say she said she would show that kitten so it would get my cattery name out in the show world! That is a good thing for me.

I thought she just wanted the kitten back to get more money. Some breeders are like that but you know that.
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Well that is great that she said she won't make you do it, if you don't want to! Sounds like she is willing to work with you! And that is great that you will be getting your name out there in the public!!! Maybe this will generate more sales for you!!
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Well I am not that worried about the sales. I really don't care about the money just improving the Bengal Breed. Plus I just love kittens! She is rather nice and with her behind me I should have no problem with selling the kittens.

The cost of your first cats is the worst. In the show world you have to buy the best of the best and the $$$$$ involved is Did you know some Bengal breeders get $2,500 or more for one show kitten?
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OMG! I had no idea it would be that much!!!
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My girl is not that much! Not all of them are that much just the best of the best!
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