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Fostering ???

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Since Pumpkin showed up on our doorstep, I have become a HUGE post reader here!! I've read so many post about fostering it has me intrigued!
I love the idea that we saved Pumpkin from a life that must be terribly difficult. He is so happy & content living with us even though he has only been we us less then a week. I'd love to help other cats like Pumpkin....I think the idea of fostering seems so rewarding. I'd love suggestions on how to look into programs.....but my biggest question is how long should I let Pumpkin adjust to life with us before I add any new fur friends to our home?

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Seems to me you're not "fostering" Pumpkin, you're adopting him. All well and good, as you'll discover the pleasures of living with a cat. As for when he's ready for additional feline friends, that will depend on him. Wait until he's completely comfortable with you before adding more cats--it will be easier for all....
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I think that depends on his personality, so I can't help you much there. Might be worth speaking to a few local rescues though - in the UK, the majority do ask that you have a separate room for them, in which case they may never come into contact with Pumpkin - my cats dont seem bothered when there is a new cat in my cat room, they rarely bother trying to meet them, but I might just have unusual cats in that respect.
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When I was fostering, I was doing it for our local Humane Society so you can contact them or do a search for local no-kill shelters. I would give Pumpkin some more time and wait till he's completely comfortable in your home and with all the members of your family (not skittish or hiding, etc). My cats got very aggitated when we brought fosters home, even though they get put in a separate room, they can smell them and it drove them nuts for a little while. Eventually they get used to us (usually by the 3 round of fosters) b/c they learn that the other cats are just visitors.

If you find one of your local shelters you can go in and meet with their foster coordinator and they can explain to you all the responsibilities of fostering. It is a very rewarding experience (though very trying at times as well).
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Not sure where you are in Massachusetts, but the MSPCA in Methuen is always in need of foster care givers. I'm sure the other branches would be happy to have you too. They have branches in Boston, Brockton, Springfield, Martha's Vineyard and on the Cape. You can go to the MSPCA website to read about their fostering program too. I believe there is a group called Kitty Angels in the area too that also uses foster homes. Good Luck!
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I'm near the Cape so I'll check in with our local MSPCA. We just love Pumpkin and I'd love to help out other cat's. I just thought fostering might be a nice way of helping out another cat's like Pumpkin. Of course I know I'm going to want to keep them all!! I'm so excited....Pumpkin will now sit on my lap. He won't come and hop on my lap yet, but when I pick him up he will sit with me on my lap. Only for a few minutes at a time but it's a good start! Today is his one week birthday at our house!!!
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I think the best place to go ask questions is a group that you want to foster for!

One thing to consider is that it is possible to bring an unknowingly sick cat into your home. The group you foster for may require you wait until Pumpkin is UTD on shots(if he isn't already).

And don't be afraid to foster the special needs cats, or older cats. As long as you can handle any "specila care" of a special needs pet, that it(diabetic cats needing insulin, etc.). Fostering is great & I'm sure you'll be an awesome foster meowmy Tracy!
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Pumpkin is UTD on his shots and also tested negative for Leukemia & AIDS. My children & I have so enjoyed having Pumpkin with us and it makes me feel so good that we were able to better Pumpkin's life. I've thought about adopting another cat but thought that fostering might even be a better way to not only help several cats but also teach my children the values of helping out cat's as well as our community. Does that make any sense? I just wasn't sure how long we should wait for Pumpkin to get comfortable and all settled in.
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