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I guess Bob won the Kitty Lotto....

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I trapped Bob in early October to be neutered and released; the following day he was neutered and eartipped, but he was also diagnosed FIV positive with a URI. I couldn't release him back into the colony until the latter was treated, so he became a resident patient.

I suppose I should have seen earlier that Bob wasn't a feral--despite his initial panic at being captured and his frightened behavior at the spay/neuter clinic he's actually been quite calm. As we've treated him for his URI we've found that he's quite used to humans and is very affectionate--he knows "velvet paws" and loves belly rubs.

Recently we lost Nigel, who went missing. He may still return, but each passing day makes that more unlikely. This created a space for Bob, who will now be a permanent household resident. As I mentioned earlier, he is FIV positive, but in a few days his canines will be extracted due to advanced decay, so he'll be less able to transmit the disease via it's primary means--bite wounds. Besides, we've learned Bob would rather be a lover than a fighter. So far the biggest danger he poses is his URI--he'll need a second course of antibiotics--but that's being monitored (Bob's a big cat--10.5 lbs.--and medication resistant. At the clinic he took a full dose of Ketamine but still didn't go under; he had to be gassed on the OR table and came out before being eartipped. He also had to be wormed twice.).

Let's give a big "Hello" to Bob, who went from being a street cat scheduled to be released back to the street (as a policy I don't eartip strays, nor do I release them) to a housecat with two friendly humans. How lucky can you get...?
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Awww, bless your wonderful, big, loving heart. What a lucky cat!!!!
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Hello Bob....
You now have a safe, loving forever home.
Pictures please.....
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Congratulations to Bob and to you too!
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Lucky Bob!
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He needs to go to the vet Friday to have his upper canines extracted--they're visibly infected and may be exacerbating his URI. He's completed his course of antibiotics but his breathing still sounds labored, and he seems to favor his left hind leg--an injury perhaps. He's still quite skittish and spends much of his time in the bedroom closet, and sudden or loud movements still spook him....
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