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Looking for advise. We're so sad. Our 9 year old indoor cat is normally loving and very social, comes when we call, plays fetch, sleeps with us, talks to us, etc. Crawled under a bed three weeks ago and won't come out when we're home. We took him to the vet and after a battery of exams, bloods, and urine tests, they said he was fine. He isn't! He eats, drinks, poops ok. He is grooming less than usual, doesn't talk at all and always looks scared. There have been no changes in our home or routine. No changes in food, litter, etc. On the rare occasion when he does come out he gets low to the ground and sprints to the litterbox. We lay on the floor and pet him and talk to him-sometimes he likes it and purrs but usually he just tolerates it. We miss him and want our friend back.
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Whatever scared him to hide under the bed is still scaring him. Cats have keen senses. Are you sure everything is okay at home?
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ceililng fans? something fell over in the closet? new loud neighbors, mouse in the house, some other critter, loud fighting between you and loved one, did someone hit the cat with a broom, accidently shut something on his tail, step on his foot? Think, there had to have been something.
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