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Casey in need of Prayers and Advice

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Greetings to all on these boards. Newbie posting for the first time in need of prayers and advice ASAP…

Here is the background of our situation. We have a 1 year old Seal Point Ragdoll named Casey. He is an inside only cat in a very pet friendly and pet conscious house with me, my wife and our two year old Blue Point Ragdoll.

We recently had been noticing a change in Casey. He appeared to start losing his appetite about two/three weeks ago and this week my wife brought him to the vet due to his eye being sore. The eye was partially closed. The Vet checked his weight and noticed that he has dropped from 9 lbs to 8 lbs in a two month period (remember he’s only 1 year old). Blood work revealed an elevation in his protein level and x-rays showed some fluid in his lungs. He also had a temperature of 104. He is lethargic but alert, not struggling to breath and sleeping what appears to be comfortably. He is still urinating but not excessively. He has since lost his appetite and is not drinking any water. The Vet has put him on Baytrill and Clavomox (sp?). We are nursing him here with Pedialite to try and prevent dehydration and Nutra Cal and lots of love and prayers. We have been in constant contact with breeders and vets. There seems to be much speculation as to what Casey actually has and what course to actually proceed with.

We do NOT want to give up on Casey no matter what any expert fears he might have and we are putting our trust in prayers but seek advice from all fellow cat lovers on how to help Casey fight this and what we can do for him.

We thank you for your prayers and advice.

In photo
2 year old Blue Point Mickey on the left
1 year old Seal Point Casey on the right
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You have done the right thing in asking for a professional vet to help you chase down the problem. You should of gotten a copy of the bloodwork from the vet. Sometimes it can be a bit confusing trying to understand what it really says. Here is a good website I have used in the past to help connect the dots so to speak.

Good luck with your kitty!

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thank you for your response and well wishes.

We picked up Casey's charts today at the Vet. He tested positive for FCV and his blood work shows a high Total Protein (12.1) reference range is 5.2-8.8 and a high Globulin (9.8) reference range is 2.3-5.3

I'm going to review the web site that you recommended and see if I can make some sense of this.

Meanwhile, we are still strong in our belief that he will be o.k. and are saying prayers for him
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I don't really know a lot about cat health (being fairly new here, myself, but I am learning and researching).
I will send prayers for your Casey.
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