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Found a kitty

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Hi... I was taking my puppy for his last walk this evening and I heard some awful meowing and came across this little boy..

He is amazingly friendly, and I think he was dropped off. Anyway, does anyone know how I should take care of him? I am feeding him my older cats kibble mixed with a little plain yogurt and warm milk.. I don't have any kitten food on hand yet, I'll go and pick some up tomorrow.. But for now, is this okay? Also, is keeping him in a guinea pig cage okay? it's clean and I do not want him running all over the house..

Any ideas on how old he might be?

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I would say he is between 5-7 weeks... i would feed him kibble softened with warm water until kitten food is available... but until you get him to the vet please do not keep him in a gerbil cage! can you put him in a bathroom or spare room?
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aww he isn't old at all! How cute! Maybe 5 or 6 weeks? That would be my guess but hard to tell via pictures.

he needs a high quality kitten food so that is good you are going to pick that up in the morning. everything sounds good except cats shouldn't have cows milk, unless you meant CapSip Whiskas type of milk specifically for cats. He should probably see a vet soon, no doubt he has worms, maybe a flea or two in there. Although it's cold and if he was outdoors then maybe not. Vaccines will be needed soon if not now.
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He is a beautiful baby.
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I was going to say a guinea pig cage is fine (it isn't a gerbil cage, Jaclyn4238) those are usually huge. the shelters I worked at used them for the tiny kittens. I use them for the babies. I have a guinea pig cage and a large ferret/chinchilla type cage. They work great!
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Yeah, a guinea pig cage is the size of a big cat carrier... he's tiny anyway; and cats like small spaces. A guinea pig is about the size of a kitten anyhow!

I suggest playing a radio or something, soft music to make him calmer. And a towel across the top of the cage, to make it into a "cave" with one side open to light instead of all four, should help him feel more secure. Talk to him a lot, too, and handle him; but wash your hands before you touch your other cats, because you don't want your cats to pick something up from him.
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Okay, he's already been in contact with my other cats.. they were outside when I found him... righty, I'm going to go get some cat milk and the like and I'll give a report soon.
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Gerbil, ferret, chinchilla, mouse whatever it is cage I still think its too small. Anyway It is great that you are getting him to a vet soon, Even though your cats have had contact with him already outside it is best if you keep him confined from them until you get the all clear from the DVM
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Originally Posted by Tricias_petz View Post
Okay, he's already been in contact with my other cats.. they were outside when I found him... righty, I'm going to go get some cat milk and the like and I'll give a report soon.
Tricia...it's very important that your cats be UTD on shots and this little one needs his first worming and will need to be tested for FELV/FIV. We don't recommend introducing your owned cats to a kitten or cat of unknown background until it has been checked out by a vet.

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Well it's too late for preventing that.. they have been together.. My guys are all up to date as far as I am aware (they had their shots last year).. so I think they'll be alright.

I don't really have all that much to do with the whole vet thing.. I haven't had to take any of my pets to the vet in a long while (other than one set of baby shots and rabies every 3 years.. I have done research and this is the best option for me.) I will try to get this guy to the vet soon, but I am going to see what happens with finding him a home with my friend first, tho.
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He's at his new home now, so it's up to them whether they get him vacc'ed or not.

Thanks for the advice, tho.
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